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Importance of Skin Care for Teenagers

Fashion & Beauty By Anubha K Singh , Jagran Cityplus / Feb 04, 2011
Importance of Skin Care for Teenagers

I remember my days as  a teenager when I was always attracted to my mom's colourful makeup kit, I used to flaunt it on my soft skin, but as soon as my mom saw me near the kit she used to scream and hide the kit in a place where I could never

Proper skin care is must for teenagers I remember my days as  a teenager when I was always attracted to my mom's colourful makeup kit, I used to flaunt it on my soft skin, but as soon as my mom saw me near the kit she used to scream and hide the kit in a place where I could never reach out, recalls Reema Tyagi. Mothers have always posed restrictions on their teenage daughters to avoid using any makeup on their soft and subtle skin, fearing the reddish blemishes or over aged look on their little angels' flawless skin. Teen skin care requirements are very different from that of mature women. If make up and skin care are not handled well it can actually cause more blemishes and pimples.Make up for teenagers should be kept minimal, natural and should enhance the features. It should be applied and cleaned off with equal care. In the teen years the body undergoes drastic hormonal changes that affect the skin and may result in pimples or blemishes. The makeup has to be discreet, natural to highlight beautiful features. Again, too much is not good! To create the perfect teen looks Shilpa Ajwani, makeup expert Oriflame gives somef tips.


Skin care


If you're in your teens, you are just at the right age to start taking care of your skin; this is the time when hormonal changes make the skin break into acne. Teen skin care differs from an adult's skin care, so don't rely on facial cleansers which are most likely not meant for your skin type. By following few simple skin care tips for teens; one can maintain clean and acne free skin.


What skincare routine should teenagers follow?


Protect your skin by using an appropriate sun screen. We all know that sun screen protects the skin from the sun. Apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 when you're out in the sun or driving around with your friends. Don't forget to reapply every two hours.


Use soap free cleansers. Find a facial cleanser that's best for your skin type. Many teens find that oily skin is their main concern, so look for a gel based cleanser if this is your problem. Make sure you wash your face frequently with an appropriate face wash. Also, never sleep with your makeup on.


Moisturize your face. The idea that those with oily skin don't need a moisturizer is just a fallacy. What you do need is a light oil-free moisturizer to put on after you cleanse. Always moisturize after you wash and dry your face. If your skin is very oily, you may choose to just moisturize in the morning.


Should masks and exfoliators be used regularly?


A mask deep cleans your pores, while an exfoliator scrubs the off dust and grime. A weekly to bi-weekly exfoliator will ensure freshness and radiance. Make sure you use natural and gentle products as the skin is extremely tender and prone to break outs; if you over scrub, your skin may break out even further. Use a mask and an exfoliator on a weekly basis.


How can one prevent and take care of Acne?


If acne is a problem for you, just know that you are far from alone. The trick is to keep the skin clean and yet hydrated. Use gel based products if your skin is oily. Treat acne with a spot-treatment. Always remember clear and healthy skin is the perfect canvas for makeup. So pamper your skin with the right beauty tips for head turning looks.

Written by
Anubha K Singh
Source: Jagran CityplusFeb 04, 2011

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