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Importance of Dental Care during Pregnancy

Pregnancy By Pratima Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 16, 2011
Importance of Dental Care during Pregnancy

The importance of dental care during pregnancy lies in controlling common tooth ailments and maintaining entire oral hygiene.

Importance of Dental Care during PregnancySpecial care needs to be administered to every part of your body during the course of pregnancy, and the teeth are no exceptions. Germs and infections could percolate to the ovary from any and every part of the body including the teeth and gums. Therefore, proper health and hygiene practices need to be maintained when you are pregnant.


The importance of dental care during pregnancy lies in controlling common tooth and gum related ailments which occur around this time and maintaining complete oral hygiene. Lack of dental care might have serious repercussions on your unborn child as well as the delivery process.


Dental Care during Pregnancy

Some common problems to occur which stresses the importance of dental care during pregnancy will include:

  • Pregnancy gingivitis is a common problem would-be mothers have to deal with. Hormonal changes in the body causes inflammation in the gums and makes them more and more susceptible to bleeding gums and plaque infections. In order to do away with gingivitis, one has to stick to the regular regime of brushing in the morning and evening and flossing away the accumulated food particles. Going for a professional cleaning exercise once in a while is also a great idea.
  • Other more serious diseases which reemphasise the importance of dental care during pregnancy include the occurrence of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection which is known to pass down from the gums to the uterus. This often causes untimely and premature birth. This happens because of the bacteria causing periodontal disease is also responsible for triggering the production of prostaglandins which might cause premature labour. Premature birth might often give rise to foetal death and birth related deformities.
  • Dental tumours are also common during your first trimester of pregnancy. They are commonly painless lumps which occur in between the teeth. In certain cases they may become large enough to be visible. In case they do not disappear, post pregnancy you a special oral procedure can help remove them.

Periodic visits to your dentist are mandatory during the course of pregnancy. He will be the right person to explain the importance of dental care during pregnancy to you and would also be able to chart out a hygiene routine for you. Make sure your gynaecologist is also aware of all dental proceedings you are undertaking.


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