Importance of Bathing a Newborn Baby

Updated at: Feb 11, 2013
Importance of Bathing a Newborn Baby

Importance of Bathing a Newborn Baby: Here are some reasons why you should be giving your little prince and princess a daily bath.

Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Aug 13, 2012

Your new born baby is a small, smiling life that assures you that your cup of life is overflowing with bliss. You will however have to take care of this new found bliss and understand the urgent need of a hygienic and clean upbringing. Charity dear friend begins at home.

Bathing your new born baby may seem like very weird thing to do, after all how can this adorable tiny creature be washed with water and the wail that it gives out will almost immediately melt your heart. But this is a question of your baby’s health, be sure to make the right choice.

Here are some reasons why you should be giving your little prince and princess a daily bath:

  1. Health Issue: Bath for your baby is a very important ritual that keeps his or her skin nice and clean.  A baby's skin can be fragile, and protecting it by using soap made specifically for babies instead of products designed for adults preserves the softness of skin. Also during a bath check the baby's body for rashes or areas of dry skin, and do massage his or her arms and legs while cleaning, that will promote circulation in their extremities. Do not forget to clean every area like the neck folds which can have bacteria, behind the ears and the groin area. Use a very light and gentle cloth to pat and dry your baby, rubbing to dry the body would of course irritate your child.
  2. The Emotional Side: when you touch your baby, you connect with him or her and allow the little thing to understand the importance of touch.  There is a positive interaction with the meeting of eyes and the touching of skin. Your baby understands the importance of being a human being by looking at you; it is the mirror image theory.

It is also very important to use the correct products for your baby’s bath time. Do not bathe him or her with the usual products you use. Always use baby care products for your baby. They are safer and are less on chemicals. Ideally once a day bath is fine for your baby but be sure to clean him or her up every time they excrete unknowingly and get dirty. The idea is to always keep them clean and tidy.  Do remember not to drench them in freezing water if he or she has a fever. Consult a doctor and take necessary steps.




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