Impact of a Natural Disaster on Diabetes

Updated at: Aug 29, 2012
Impact of a Natural Disaster on Diabetes

Natural disasters can cause a lot of trouble to anyone who is facing it. Read to know the impact it has on diabetics.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DiabetesWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Aug 29, 2012

Diabetes is such a disease that needs to be taken care and also dealt with a lot of discipline. During a natural disaster it gets difficult to be so disciplined and careful. A natural disaster can take a toll on diabetic patients. It can push you to the extreme and test your patience. First there is the fear of losing, losing all that you ever had, even your dear life. Then if you are a diabetic patient that fear can double. The impact of a natural disaster is immense.

Here are a few points on how nature’s wrath can destroy your life as a diabetic:

Diet – During a natural disaster food is without doubt one of the biggest concerns for anyone. A diabetic patient who leads a disciplined life with restricted food items on his platter is expected to stock his dietary requirements. There is usually a scarcity of food at such times and the relief food items are not always diabetic oriented. It is best to keep a stock of food suitable for diabetes. Try not to skip meals. [Read: Diet for Diabetes]

Medicinal Requirements – Chemist stores of course gets closed infinitely during a natural disaster. So, what about the insulin, medicines, alcohol swaps, syringes, sugar free, etc? You will find yourself helpless because these are the things that you survive on and these medicines keep you moving. Hence, it is advisable that a diabetic patient always keeps a stock of these items for his or her benefit. [Read: How to Treat Insulin Shock]


Erratic Schedule – Your schedule that you used to follow during better days may go for a toss at such times. You will not find it easy to cope with all the various struggles that lye on your way during a natural disaster and if you are out on the streets living in Government supported tenements then it gets worse. This is one of the worst impacts that a natural disaster can have on a diabetic patient. If you are out on the streets you schedule is bound to be erratic.


Dangerous Sidekicks – A typically destructive natural disaster has many a lethal sidekicks that can prove to be very dangerous for a diabetic. Homes, buildings lye in ruins with metal scraps and glass pieces everywhere, then there are diseases spreading everywhere. The risk of an epidemic outbreak is huge. So, for a diabetic it is important that he or she keeps away from such places. As you already it is very difficult for a diabetic patient to heal from any cuts, bruises or diseases.


A sense of hopelessness may prevail in you city, town or country if nature decides to stage her theatrics. But you need to be ready for it and take it head on.




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