Immune-Boosting Myths Busted

Updated at: Dec 29, 2012
Immune-Boosting Myths Busted

With winter on its peak, it is no wonder that everyone has been searching for ways to avoid cold and allergies.  However, boosting immunity remains the best way to prevent catching cough and cold and it would help you further if you discover

Vatsal Anand
Communicable DiseasesWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 05, 2012

Immune boosting myths bustedWith the winter season round the corner, you become conscious of avoiding the colds and allergies. Any sniffle or muffled cough would be noticed and if it did not come from you, most probably you would be distancing yourself from the person. You should boost your immunity to guard against the chances of catching a cold, and be better informed on some myths associated with boosting immunity.

Vitamin C boosts immunity

Vitamin C has long been reputed for boosting immunity and provide protection from cough and cold. Clinical trials have shown that this is not the case. Vitamin C has no effect in preventing cold under normal situations. But it does help to reduce the duration of colds. The recommended dietary intake for adult, of 200 mg or more, helps in bringing down the duration of colds. Even then the success is varies according to person. Do not take more than 2000 mg daily as that can upset your stomach.

Getting a flu shot would weaken your immune system

A flu vaccine contains a dead virus that will not infect your body, but make the body notice the threat of the virus. So, when you get a live virus, your immune system is prepared to fight it. Some people do get flu even after having taken the shot, but their illness would be milder. This is because their body would have developed the capability to fight the virus.

Fever is bad for your immune system

Not always. A higher body temperature is important for fighting germs as it multiplies the production of those cells that fight the germs, and simultaneously higher temperatures make it difficult for invading germs to multiply. That is why some medical experts recommend not treating fever for a few days, but the opinion is divided on this. Of course, all of them would agree that fever should not be made to go above 104 degree Celsius.

Vitamin rich drinks would protect you from getting sick

Vitamin deficiency is a problem only with smokers, breastfeeding women, pregnant women and the aged. If you fall in the category of any of these, vitamin supplements are good. If not, you might be overdoing the vitamin supplement stuff. That is to say, having more vitamins than you need does not improve your immune system. Instead of having a lot of vitamin and mineral packed drinks, you would be well advised to take your daily intake of multivitamin or mineral supplement. Anything beyond that is not useful for your immunity.


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