I Hate Sprouts, Broccoli and therefore, I’m Healthy

Updated at: Oct 15, 2012
I Hate Sprouts, Broccoli and therefore, I’m Healthy

Hating broccoli and sprouts could make you healthier.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
LatestWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Oct 11, 2012

I hate sprouts Broccoli and therefore I m Healthy

If your mom pushes spoonfuls of broccoli or sprouts into your mouth at meal-time by make-believing you that they are healthful, here is a study-proof to help you stop her. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have found that people, who do not like eating vegetables such as broccoli and sprouts to be unbearably sour are more likely to fight infections owing to chemicals present in their nose. Such people were found to have more receptors that were capable of picking up flavours of broccoli and sprouts and sending early warning signs to the body’s system to start working up against bacterial invaders.


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The receptors were for all these years were assumed to be located only on the tongue, but have now been found to be located in the linings of the sinus and nasal cavities. Although, the receptors help in activation the natural defences of the body against bacterial infections, about one third of the population missed the specific type of receptor gene called TAS2R38, which is responsible for activating the immune response.


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