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Hypertension Treatment: Younger Vs Older Men

Updated at: Jan 26, 2018
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Written by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: Jan 16, 2013
Hypertension Treatment: Younger Vs Older Men

Did you know that the risk of high blood pressure begins to climb when men hit 45, although it can occur in younger men? Learn its treatment.

In younger men, the diastolic pressure tends to be higher as the heart is pumping harder. While in older men the systolic pressure tends to be higher as the arteries stiffen with age.

Hypertension was rare in younger men a few decades ago but rising obesity rates according to experts has lead to increased risk and incidence of hypertension in younger men.

Treatment of Hypertension

According to experts treatment of hypertension in younger men includes lifestyle modifications and if required medications.

  • Weight reduction: If you are obese reduce your weight and aim for a target body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 to 24.9.
  • DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plan:  Your diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products and low in saturated and total fat.
  • Limit your salt intake to less than 1,600-milligrams sodium daily. Reducing salt in the diet is equivalent to a single drug therapy.
  • Do regular exercises or any other physical activity (moderate physical activity for 30 minutes on most days of the week is also adequate).
  • Limit alcohol intake (men to less than 2 drinks per day and women with less than 1 drink per day)

If your blood pressure is not controlled by lifestyle modifications then you will be prescribed medications by your doctor. Currently, several types medications are available for treatment of high blood pressure.

Younger men without treatment, have a higher risk of developing an end-stage renal disease, stroke, or heart attack later in life.

Another Complication Worth Considering

End-stage renal disease, stroke, or heart attack are well-known complications of high blood pressure. Some recent studies have shown that men with high blood pressure are 2.5 times more likely to develop erectile dysfunction as compared to men with normal blood pressure.

Risk Factors for Hypertension in Younger Men

Risk and rate of high blood pressure are increasing in younger men according to experts. High blood pressure in younger men is just as serious as in their older counterparts. Certain factors which increase the risk of high blood pressure in younger men include:

  • Obesity or high body mass index
  • Metabolic syndrome - this is a cluster of factors present in an individual (like excess body fat especially in waist and chest region, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance). These factors increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes
  • Family history of high blood pressure
  • Stress, anxiety, and anger - Management of these may be more important for younger men to control high blood pressure.

If your doctor diagnoses high blood pressure do not ignore it. Untreated hypertension increases the risk of several complications. Currently available drugs are very safe and effective in the management of high blood pressure. Follow your doctor’s advice and take your prescribed medications regularly.


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