Hygiene check comes before a beauty pack

Updated at: Dec 30, 2010
Hygiene check comes before a beauty pack

Priya went to a neighbourhood parlour for facial and opted for a very special and expensive treatment. Everything went out well and she was satisfied as the face looked fresh.



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Hygiene checkPriya went to a neighbourhood parlour for facial and opted for a very special and expensive treatment. Everything went out well and she was satisfied as the face looked fresh. But the next day she noticed acnes on her right cheek. Priya's skin turned from bad to worse and to date she is under treatment. What must have actually happened then?


"I went to a local parlour in the colony and spoiled my skin. This happened because they use the same towel for the entire day unwashed, I was not aware of it," says Priya. Now she carries her own towel whenever she visits a local parlour.


One should always remember to maintain hygiene when visiting a local parlour, for that matter even a branded one. "Yes, every one has the right to check the hygiene of the parlour and nobody can say no to it," says Dinesh, hairdresser from Hair and Shanti, Lajpat Nagar.


"We maintain hygiene that's why we are quite popular in the area; we may not be branded but use disposable or washed clothes. No one has wanted to check our equipments but we are open to anything like that," says Rita Mathur of 'Shingar' which specialises in bridal and pre-bridal makeup in Lajpat Nagar.


But one should know that anybody can ask for a check if not convinced of the cleanliness of the place. "If the guests are concerned about the hygiene, then there are provisions of bringing their own combs, brushes or towels, changing gowns, etc., which is absolutely understandable and welcomed in our centre," says Dr Resha Chawla, cosmetologist and branch head, Lakme.


Many local parlours may not follow the basic rule of cleaning their combs after every client or sterilising after each cut. In fact the equipment should be cleaned in soap or spirit solution after every cut or use, according to Dr Resha.


"We have a sterilizing machine here as you can see after every cut we put our combs, razors, scissors in it. Other basic hygiene is also maintained like using disposable strips for waxing and cotton for cleaning the face after facial. The days of using same towel or cloth are long gone and clients nowadays are very conscious and strict about hygiene," says Masterji of 'Styles' East of Kailash.


"Though parlour owners or managers will say they clean their equipment as per the norm but mostly don't do it after every cut, but do it at the end of the day. So people should be conscious themselves and carry their own stuff or should go for a check," adds Dr Shweta Anand, dermatologist, GK.


This hygiene is not only for women but men should also be concerned about the cleanliness in the unisexual saloons or barber shops. "Even men should go ahead and ask for hygiene check," adds Dr Resha.


The beauty parlour owners know that the beauty industry is one of the fastest growing with immense competition and therefore they try to be responsible and sensitive towards their clientele. "Even a barber shop will have to maintain these basic qualities. If they ignore any qualities like cleanliness or hygiene, services, etc, then clients will just opt for some other salons," says Dr Shweta.


Dr Resha guides as to how a salon should be clean: "A dirty salon will be the source of skin diseases and can be dangerous."


Check these things in a parlour


  • Combs, razors, brushes should be sterilised before use under your supervision.
  • Changing gowns and towels should be freshly washed and dried. One can smell and check if it's washed.
  • The floors should be cleaned.
  • Beds should have clean linens. One can insist on changing the linens before using the bed.
  • The parlour should have well maintained and clean equipment.
  • The equipments should be well arranged for each space or seat. One should see that the combs or other equipments are not simultaneously shared by the hairdressers.
  • One should notice that the parlour shouldn't be using too much of local brands which you have not heard of.
  • The staff should also be clean and presentable, maintaining basic hygiene like clean nails, properly done up hair, etc.


Keeping these points in mind before trusting a parlour is very important in order to provide the people a healthy body and a clean environment as no other public place is so used by men, women of all age, economic status and profession.


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