How your Family is Good for your Health

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
How your Family is Good for your Health

How your Family is Good for your Health? Learn about happy families play together and this makes them healthy, caring dad makes you do better at school, eating together, being together will heal you quicker etc.

Vatsal Anand
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How your family is good for your health

Apart from the minor tiffs that are unavoidable every now and then, being with your family is great. Your mental healths as well as your immune system are one of the greatest beneficiaries of being in the family. According to Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, practitioner of adolescent medicine at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, your child responds best when you emphasise on being connected with everyone. People with strong bond with their family are likely to stay away from drugs, be more focused at school and even drive better.


Caring dad makes you do better at school


If you had a father who was always interested in your performance at school, it is likely to have a very good result on your academic performance. Involved dads help their kids get better GPAs, take part in extra-curriculars and graduate.

Happy families play together and this makes them healthy


Playing together in your family not only makes your enjoy a good time, it also develops a bond between you and your family members. So, do not underestimate your family picnic or just the disc throw in the garden. Playing together teaches us to use our imagination, be cooperative and play fair.


You laugh a lot more in a cohesive family


Being close to your family members and calling each other by adorable nick names while cracking jokes will naturally make you laugh and giggle a lot more. There are a lot of benefits of laughing. It makes you relax, boosts your immunity, releases the feel good hormones called endorphins and is protective for your heart. That is why people who have had a happy family show lower stress hormones than others.

Eating together


Having a meal as a happy family has a lot of health benefits for each individual in a family. It has been linked to lower depression rates in children, lower eating disorder in girls and gives a boost to self confidence. So, get together for a meal daily if possible.

Being together will heal you quicker


A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry has shown that couples who are in close relationship are likely to heal quicker. It could be seen and verified that couples who are closer to each other were able to heal their deliberately created blisters in around 40 percent lesser time.


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