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How to use Contraceptive Sponge

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Written by: Shubhangi UpadhyayaPublished at: Jul 08, 2011
How to use Contraceptive Sponge

Contraception- Contraceptive sponge is an easy to use barrier contraceptive method. It contains nonoxynol-9 that prevents sperms from entering vagina and finally prevent unwanted pregnancy.

ContracepativeContraceptive sponge is one of the popular options for contraception as it offers high comfort level. It is a non-hormonal virginal barrier method that contains Nonoxynol-9. It is an effective spermicide that kills or paralyzes the sperms entering the vagina and thus prevents the occurrence of pregnancy. Contraceptive sponge has high success rate if used properly. Therefore it is very important to know how to use contraceptive sponge. Here are some important points that should be kept in mind while using a contraceptive sponge:


  • Before inserting the contraceptive sponge, wash your hands properly with clean water in order to avoid the risk of infection.  Wet the sponge with about two teaspoons of water. Doing so will help in the activation of spermicide and will also make the process of insertion easy and hassle free.
  • For inserting the contraceptive sponge, hold the wet sponge in one hand in such a way that the concave side is facing upwards and the loop is hanging down. Then fold it in half and insert in vagina using your fingers.
  • The contraceptive sponge will unfold and will cover the entire cervix once you release it. You can check its position by sliding your finger around its edges. It should be inserted in such a way that the concave part faces the cervix and the loop is on the outer side.




  • Allow the contraceptive sponge to remain in the vagina for six hours after the last act of intercourse.
  • In order to remove it, insert your finger in the vagina and get hold of the string loop that is hanging downwards. Grasp the loop using your forefinger and thumb and gently pull the sponge out of vagina.
  • In case there is a tight grip of the vaginal muscles on the sponge, wait for few minutes. Try to relax the muscles and then remove the sponge.
  • Try to remove the contraceptive sponge without breaking or tampering it. However, in case the sponge gets torn, make sure that all the pieces are out of vagina.    



  • Make sure that the contraceptive sponge does not remain in for more than 30 hours.
  • Contraceptive sponge should not be used during any virginal bleeding including menstruation.
  • Contraceptive sponge prevents the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy. However, it provides no protection against various sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Some women may be allergic to the spermicide used in the contraceptive sponge. Therefore, if you experience any sort of discomfort or irritation stop using it and contact a doctor soon.


Contraceptive sponge is soft and once it is inserted in a correct manner, there is no discomfort and neither of the partners should be able to feel its presence. 


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