How to Use a Condom for Oral Sex

Oct 11, 2011

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How to Use a Condom for Oral SexIt is important that you choose the right way of using the condom when you are all set for oral sex. Man or woman, whoever wants to have oral sex, should know about the options before them. Men need to use it the normal way or create a dental dam with it for using with a woman. Dental dams are also available for purchase from the stores.


Using a Condom for Oral Sex

  • Do not use a condom with N-9, especially for oral sex. You do not want to keep a condom with spermicides into your mouth! Not only does it taste disgusting, it also makes the tongue go numb.
  • You can use flavoured condoms as they are meant for safe sex. Others are not effective. The box of flavoured condoms has all the relevant information you need. Purchase the condoms only after going through the instructions and information.
  • If you are in the habit of using oil-based food products as aid for oral sex, avoid using them with a condom. This is because the oil reacts with latex and leaves it corroded. It is never wise to compromise with the condom’s protection which can happen with the corrosion caused by condom and oil coming into contact with each other.
  • The flavoured lubricants in your condoms can be used for oral sex as well as vaginal sex. The labels would have mention of the safety in using internally. Lubricants that contain sugar for flavour can disturb the yeast levels of vagina and cause an unpleasant infection.
  • If you have any doubts about the condom being usable, switch to a new one immediately. Those who like anal penetration from time to time should bear in mind that the same condom should never be used for both types of penetration.
  • Men should ask their partner to put on the condom as this helps to keep up the passion.

The transmission of HIV and other STDs through oral sex may be less than that in vaginal sex; you are still not secured from the chances of contracting them when unprotected. Centres for Disease Control In USA say that 8 percent of all cases of HIV transmission are due to oral sex. So, you do need to use a condom for protecting yourself.





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