How to wash Cloth Diapers for the First Time

Updated at: Dec 08, 2011
How to wash Cloth Diapers for the First Time

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Jenita Gulati
Newborn CareWritten by: Jenita GulatiPublished at: Dec 08, 2011

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Using cloth diapers is cheap but one has to wash them oneself. Many  first time mothers are faced with the question of how to properly wash cloth diapers? And the question arises how to wash cloth diapers? It’s It is a fairly simple process but simple but more time consuming than washing other clothes.


Once your routine of washing diapers is set, it will become an easy job.When it becomes a routine work then it’s not a fuss anymore. Everyone has their own way of washing cloth diapers as there is a difference in kinds of diapers, water, detergent, washing machine.Diaper washing varies from individual to individual as factors like kind of water, detergent and washing methods differ.


  • First of all, use a selection is of detergents, and a bleach free detergent. must be used. There are special detergents available in the market for this purpose but any detergent can be used  which is bleach free, perfume and dye free, can be used. Bleach, dye and perfumes may cause diaper rash and are also are not environment friendly. also it may cause diaper rash to the baby.
  • If you choose to wash the diapers in a washer washing machine then the first step would be to empty the diapers in the washer. Tthen, wash with cold water first and then with hot water.  and Iif it requires a second wash then it should be donedo it  and  then after that dry the diapers.
  • If the diaper is new, then first try it on the baby and then wash., ifIf there are any marks remove them with plain water first. It’s better to wash the new diapers first and then use them.
  • If the diaper is hand dyed, then it should be first washed separately 2–-3 times.
  • If possible then removeRemove the solid waste from the diaper as much as you can. Also wash the soiled diapers together. and its advisable to put the soiled diapers in one single bin.
  • Cloth diapers should be washed timely; otherwise foul smell will purge  outspread and can lead to infection. can spread.
  • It’s said that baking soda fights against stains and bad smell so it’s advisable to add it, when the diapers are given a cold wash.
  • Some use (a half or one cup) of white vinegar to remove odour in the final wash of the diapers.
  • For removing stains, add half a cup lemon juice while washing.
  • It’s better to dry the diapers in under the sun as the bacteria’s and germs will be killed.
  • The washer should not be overloaded (do not put more than two dozen diapers) otherwise diapers will not be properly washed.
  • Appropriate amount of the detergent should be used, so read the instruction on the cover before using.
  • It’s not necessary to soak the diapers before washing.

Thus, everyone can employ their own techniques in washing cloth diapers but it should not be at the cost of the health of the baby.


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