How to Wash a Bath Sponge

Updated at: Oct 19, 2011
How to Wash a Bath Sponge

Newborn Care- Sponge bath is the safest and easiest way to keep a newborn fresh and clean. But it is important to make sure that the sponge is clean and washed.

Pratima Sharma
Newborn CareWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Oct 19, 2011

Sponge bathing is the safest and easiest way to keep a newborn fresh and clean. Bathing a newborn in a bath tub can be an unsafe idea, as it is not easy to handle a wriggly and slippery baby. Most doctors and midwives recommend sponge baths for  a newborn until they develop a tolerance for water. While giving a sponge bath, you should wash a bath sponge and disinfect it to prevent skin rashes. Baby skin is extremely sensitive towards foreign particles and organisms, so make sure to clean a bath sponge thoroughly before reusing.

Reusing the same bath sponge may lead to bacterial growth, a potent cause of skin rashes. In many cases, mould or fungus develops on the bath sponges that can cause serious skin infections calling for immediate medical attention. It should be mandatory to wash a bath sponge and ensure that it is free from all sorts of germs. A bath sponge must be cleaned every 2-3 days with mild detergents, especially produced for newborns. This will prevent unwanted skin rashes and allergies, and the skin of the newborn will remain healthy and supple. It is also recommended to change the baby bath sponge after 2-3 months.

Neha Kapoor observed round shaped red spots about the size of a pinhead on the buttocks, under arms and hands of her daughter after sponge bathing for a week. She didn’t pay serious attention to it assuming they would disappear of their own. The red spots started appearing on her cheeks and ears too, before a post medical examination diagnosed her with a fungal infection that was carried from the bath sponge. A few simple steps will easily guide you on how to wash a bath sponge.


  • Fill up the tub in your bathroom with steaming hot water and add two teaspoonfuls of mild detergent. . Stir it with a wooden spoon to form a lather. You can also boil water in a big pan to wash bath sponges.
  • Dip the bath sponges into the water tub to ensure they are completely immersed in it. Allow the bath sponges to soak for half an hour. This is a crucial step to wash a bath sponge.
  • Stir the water and the soaked bath sponges a few times and drain out the detergent water.
  • Now add warm water to the sponges to cool them and then squeeze out the soap water. Wash the bath sponges thoroughly under running water so that no detergent residue is left.
  • Spread the bath sponges out over a flat surface for a few hours and allow them to dry completely.
  • You can also clean a bath sponge by boiling it in water mixed with mild detergent for five minutes; allow it to cool and wring firmly. Rinse the bath sponge thoroughly in cold water and leave it to dry.

Parents should wash a bath sponge with the utmost care to eradicate the dirt completely and prevent fungal growth. Each and every step of your sponge-wash should be followed carefully to keep the newborn clean and healthy.


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