How to use inhaler for asthma

Updated at: Jan 25, 2012
How to use inhaler for asthma

Asthma Treatment - Inhalers can be very useful in managing asthma attacks that can turn out to be very serious and even fatal.

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AsthmaWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Jan 25, 2012

An inhaler used by people suffering from asthma symptoms is a pressurised cylinder, usually, as big as the distance between your index finger and thumb. This has a pump-like function along with a bottle of medication inserted at one end. The other end is fitted inside the mouth with one pump releasing a certain amount of dosage into the airways that reach the lungs. This involves a certain technique and people, who find it difficult to use the inhaler efficiently, cannot reap its benefits. This acts as a great respite for people suffering from respiratory and obstructive pulmonary problems. The inhaler comes in extremely handy and can be carried at all times. Here is an easy guide for you to use your inhaler optimally!

  • Shake the inhaler five to six times before use. Remove the cap of the inhaler and hold it upright.
  • Incline your head slightly backwards and take a deep breath. Exhale.
  • Most inhalers have a spacer that is meant to be used by children. You can use it too if you feel more comfortable that way.
  • Open your mouth till the mouthpiece of the inhaler fits in your mouth. There should be no gaps surrounding it, Make sure you hold the inhaler tightly in between your lips. Hold the other end of the inhaler one to two inches away from your mouth.
  • Hold the other end of the inhaler with your index finger on top and thumb below. This position will help you pump the inhaler from the top and release the medication directly into your mouth. With each pump, breathe slowly for three to five seconds. Hold your breath after every pump for about ten seconds or as long as you can for the medicine to travel deep enough into your lungs.
  • Make sure your tongue is placed in such a way that the medication hits your throat. Swallow the medicine and it will automatically travel through your airway.
  • Repeat the exercise until you find relief.

This technique of using an inhaler for asthma is meant to be used for a metered-dose inhaler. If you have been prescribed dry powder capsules, the process will be different. To use a dry powdered inhaler, one has to breathe in quickly after placing the mouthpiece inside the mouth. Ask your doctor for the exact steps.

Usually Controllers and Relievers are the only two inhaler medicines prescribed by doctors- the Controllers being the metered dose inhalers and the Relievers being the dry powder capsules. Some inhalers have inbuilt techniques that help one monitor the dose carefully. For this, you must also keep a track of your refills and usages. Keeping your details handy can inform you about your present condition. This can help in prevention of asthma attacks in future too.


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