How to Use Coupons for Grocery Shopping

Updated at: Feb 27, 2012
How to Use Coupons for Grocery Shopping

Shopping Advice- By using grocery coupons you can reduce the overall grocery bills. However it is important to use them in wise manner or else they can even inflate your grocery budget.

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Most of us know that grocery coupons can actually help in reducing the overall expenses on monthly grocery bills. However, what we do not know is that, simply landing these coupons is not enough but using them judiciously is equally important. However, if you end up buying unnecessary stuff just because the coupons you have need to be utilised, they can hardly account for any savings in your grocery shopping. Coupons in this case, can actually inflate your bills rather than deflating them. Therefore, how much you actually save or spend on your coupons, depend on how well you use them.



Saving on Grocery Shopping with Coupons


When you have plenty of coupons in hand, some effective tips on how to use coupons for shopping in order to rake in maximum savings could come in handy.


  • The first thing to do is to arrange all your coupons according to the various products they cater to. You can use a file for this purpose and carry it with you whenever you go shopping. It’s important to have all your coupons with you even if you do not plan to buy all the items just yet. If you do not carry all the coupons you might end up losing many a sweet deals!
  • Be flexible with your brand preferences. Check on the ones which guarantee the best buys and use the coupons for additional discounts on them to save more.
  • Sometimes you might need to study the clauses provided on the coupons in order to deduce if it’s a great deal or not. Some coupons would require you to buy in bulk, in order to avail of the discounts offered. In such cases you need to perform the due calculations to find out the amount you have managed to save per unit. For example, if the coupon offers you a discount of Rs.100/- on purchase of four cereal boxes, you have actually managed to save Rs.25/- per box. Evaluate if this is a best buy for you and make your choices.
  • It’s always wise to use the coupons to buy regular items which you are likely to use continually. Utilise them for items that you truly need.


These are some of the basic tips for learning how to effectively use coupons for grocery shopping. However, there can be many more specific ones which are also worth implementing.

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