Use acupressure for weight loss

Updated at: Jun 08, 2016
Use acupressure for weight loss

Acupressure can be very effective in weight loss if integrated with healthy regimen of weight loss diet and exercise. It involves releasing pressure on certain points on the body.

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Acupressure is an alternative technique that involves use of pressure points to treat medical conditions. Weight loss with acupressure involves releasing pressure on certain points on the body. It would be futile to expect acupressure to work for you without the necessary diet and lifestyle changes recommended by your healthcare provider.


acupressure for weight loss


Here’s how to lose weight with acupressure

  • Get a reflexology map to be familiar with the pressure points in your body – particularly the hands, feet and ear.
  • Use the reflexology map to find out the acupressure points for water retention, kidneys, adrenal glands, large intestine and stomach.
  • There are appetite suppressant points in the ear. Use the reflexology maps to locate them.
  • Study the reflexology hand map to point out the great eliminator point on the webbing between thumb and index finger.
  • After going through all your reflexology maps to gain and understanding of all the corresponding points, evaluate the key points for your purpose and the areas you need to focus more on.



Pressure Points for Weight Loss

  • Start with full hand and foot massage on your hands and feet. Do not be in a rush. Gradually and tenderly massage your body and allow yourself to enjoy the sensations.
  • You will come across painful points while massaging. Locate the body organ indicated by that point with the help of your reflexology maps.
  • Press the pressure points for 30 seconds tenderly and then let go.
  • Now, press the points for water retention, kidneys, adrenal glands, large intestine and stomach one by one.
  • Do the same for the pressure points of appetite suppression on your ears.
  • You now need to use the eliminator point in the webbing for release of toxins. Do not apply too much pressure on the point for as it can lead to release of extra toxins which will make you feel ill.

As already mentioned, these methods are useful only when integrated with a healthy diet and exercise plan. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and other healthy foods should be a part of your daily diet, besides taking 8 glasses of water and staying away from sodium, harmful carbohydrates and fats. In order to maintain an exercise regimen, you may just take up walking, start a sport or join the local gym.


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