How to Treat Perocoronitis

Updated at: Apr 21, 2015
How to Treat Perocoronitis

Perocoronitis is characterized by extreme pain so it requires immediate medical attention. However, there are some of the ways of treating perocoronitis at home as well.

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Perocoronitis is a painful dental disorder observed mainly in teenagers and young adults between 15–24 years of age. The pain is caused due to the infection caused either by one or both staphylococcus and streptococcus types of bacteria found around the gum tissues of the molar teeth, especially around the wisdom tooth.

The growth of the wisdom tooth creates a cavity around the gum, providing an easy entry for the bacteria. The presence of leftover food particles in the cavity creates favourable condition for the bacteria to thrive in and cause acute pain and inflammation of the gum tissue. The person suffering from perocoronitis, experiences extreme difficulties in chewing food, due to acute pain and creates a bad taste in the mouth.


Perocoronitis requires immediate treatment for the intolerable pain, and in extreme cases, the infection may spread through the jaw line aggravating the discomfort.

It is easy to treat perocoronitis at home unless the infection turns serious enough, calling for immediate medical attention. In case of acute infection, the dentist may opt for oral surgery uprooting the wisdom teeth. It prevents the spread of infection to other teeth. Otherwise, administering pain killers and antibiotics are the common modes of pericoronitis treatment. Many go for heat treatment; this may provide some sort of relief for the time being, but it spreads the infection and worsens the condition.

Application of ice pack or swallowing ice cubes several times throughout the day is the best way to get relief from the pain. Here are some things you can do to deal with perocoronitis better:


Ways to treat Perocoronitis

Perocoronitis treatment can be carried on successfully at home during the initial stages of the infection.

Treating Perocoronitis

  • Observe the symptoms such as swelling of the gums around the molars and acute pain followed by difficulty in opening the mouth, cautiously. These are clear indications of pericoronitis.
  • If swelling is observed in the jaws including the cheeks, you should immediately consult a dentist for suitable pericoronitis treatment. In case, the swelling and pain is restricted only around the wisdom tooth, you can safely treat it at home.
  • Whenever you sense the growth of the wisdom tooth, wash your mouth thoroughly with lukewarm salted water every day after meals to prevent any bacterial infection. Growth of wisdom tooth is usually followed by pain and infection.
  • Make sure that no food particles are left around the teeth and gums. It is safe to brush your teeth twice a day after the meals.
  • Rinsing the mouth with antiseptic mouthwash solutions after brushing is also effective in treating pericoronitis.
  • You can take aspirin or other painkillers to reduce the pain.


It is advisable not to carry on with treatment at home if you do not get the desired results within a few days. Negligence may cause the infection to spread and affect other teeth too. Consult a dentist immediately and follow his guidelines. The dentist may take X-rays of the wisdom teeth to detect the extent of infection. This will determine the future course of the pericoronitis treatment, either through a course of antibiotics or minor oral surgery.


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