How to Treat Dry Skin on Feet

Updated at: Nov 27, 2012
How to Treat Dry Skin on Feet

Get rid of dry skin from your feet by some simple methods.

Pratima Sharma
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How to Treat Dry Skin on Feet

Dry and itchy feet can be a cause of huge discomfort. Aside from looking unsightly in sandals, dry skin on feet can become painful too. Left untreated, dry skin on the feet can lead to painful fissures which may allow an easy access to bacteria. This can further lead to infections. So, it’s best to take some time and treat dry skin on feet before it reaches a very painful stage.


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How to treat Dry Skin on Feet

  • Moisturise your feet often. After applying a good moisturiser, you must wear cotton socks to lock the moisture in. You can use vegetable oil instead of lotion for the same results.
  • Wear comfortable shoes which give your feet enough space. Tight shoes can cause calluses which can lead to aggravated pain.
  • Use a good anti-bacterial soap to wash your feet and treat dry skin on feet. This will kill the bacteria in the cracks and prevent infection.
  • Use a pumice stone to scrub away the dead cells and minimize the hardened skin which could crack later. You must be careful to stop as soon as you feel any pain.
  • Soak your feet in undiluted lemon juice to soften your feet. This should be done at least once a week, for couple of hours, in order to witness visible results. You can also soak your feet in a tub of hot water with 1 cup epsom salt added to it.
  • After soaking it is important to dry your feet properly with a clean and soft towel. Thereafter, apply some lotion to moisturise the feet completely.
  • Never try to cut off the dead skin with scissors. You might take off too much of it which can be very painful and put you in a risk for infection.
  • You must drink plenty of water each day. 8-10 glasses are recommended. In addition, you must stop the intake of caffeine and alcohol, all of which are dehydrating. These can dry out the skin, leaving you in a worse condition.


Sometimes, it is not possible to treat dry skin on feet through home remedies. Dry skin could also be an indication of some other problem and therefore it is better to consult a doctor. The doctor can rule out conditions such as Athlete’s foot or poor circulation which could also be responsible for extremely dry skin on feet.


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