How to Track Your Baby's Sleeping Patterns

Updated at: May 17, 2011
How to Track Your Baby's Sleeping Patterns

How to track your baby's sleeping pattern - Tracking the sleep pattern of your baby will help you in a keeping a check on unhealthy sleeping habits. Your baby's sleeping pattern can be tracked with the help of maintaining a simple chart.

Dr Poonam Sachdev
Newborn CareWritten by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: May 16, 2011

Mother and babyDo you often wonder if your baby is getting enough sleep? Are you worried that your baby sleeps less than required daily? Do you wonder how can you determine if your baby’s sleeping pattern is healthy? It is easy to track your baby's sleeping pattern. Here is how you can track your baby’s sleeping pattern.


Is my Baby getting Enough Sleep?

Track your child's sleep pattern by noting when he sleeps at night, the amount of time he sleeps at a stretch at night, how often and for how long he wakes up, the number of hours he is awake (day and night), and the number and duration of naps at day time.

All this information can be recorded in a chart. It will help you to understand your baby’s sleep pattern and identify problems such as repeated awakening at night, inconsistent bedtime, time of sleep and waking up.  All this information can help you to act before his sleeping pattern turns into a bad habit. Besides this having recorded information makes you feel more in control of your life — this is especially important for parents who are sleep deprived and overwhelmed by the baby's night time demands.


How to Track the Baby's Sleeping Patterns

Make a chart and record all the sleep related details on this chart (such as time if sleep, duration of sleep, number of awakenings at night) daily.

Baby’s sleep pattern chart:

Day / Time








































































































(S = sleep A = awake). Shade the time your baby sleeps as blue and when he is awake as pink. Mark the time he sleeps as D and the time he wakes up as U. This type of sleep chart can be downloaded from the internet.


Recording the information on the chart shows your baby’s sleep pattern and it will also help you in your newborn's care. If your baby seems to be sleeping well for his age then you are reassured. If his sleep pattern is irregular, you can try to make changes to suit your family life. If you are worried about your baby’s sleep pattern, consult his paediatrician.


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