Know how to tackle water retention

Updated at: Nov 23, 2017
Know how to tackle water retention

If you are experiencing a weight gain all of a sudden in the evening, and have swollen body parts then this is the cause of water retention that is taking place in your body. Know how you can tackle this.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Nov 23, 2017

If you weigh more in the evening that what you did in the morning then you are probably experiencing water retention. This could also swell your body parts such as feet, hands, abdomen, and face.

Water inside the cells in the body is regulated by certain hormones, the kidneys and sodium levels in the body. Now anything that alters hormone or the levels of sodium or even decreases the function of the kidney can cause potential water retention. Water retention on a minor level is quite common and it happens to affect women more often than men. This is because of the hormonal differences between the two genders. It has been found that in women the retention of water increases the week before menstruation begins. Water retention which is medically termed as oedema can increase your weight by about two kilograms. This weight gain happens more so in the evening than in the morning. Can you tackle water retention in your body? The answer is yes.

Increase your water intake

Contrary to popular belief, the body, in fact, stores water when there is a scare supply. By increasing the water intake you will reduce the retention of increasing it. You must sip on water whenever you get a chance to do so. Always drink at least two to three glasses of water after waking up, as this also cleans the body as well. Also, you can drink lemon and orange juices as these will help to reduce bloating with added advantages of potassium.

Reduce intake of salt

By taking in too much salt you are allowing your body to get dehydrated, and this is because salt acts as a dehydrating agent. This is why you are suggested to reduce your salt intake, and to switch on to other options such as spices and pepper in small quantities would help. You must avoid salt on salads, and fast foods as there is an excessive increase in the intake of salt this way.

Do regular exercise

When you exercise then you tend to dilate the blood vessels and this increase the amount of fluid that is excreted by your kidney. By exercises we do not really mean that you should hit the gym on a daily basis, but you should simply walk, run, jog, swim or cycle. Pick any exercise and dedicate thirty minutes of your day there. This way you can improve your circulation and minimise the pooling of fluid in your feet and legs.

Eat certain foods

There are certain foods that will help water retention and are hence known as natural diuretics. You should eat lots of apples, grapes, strawberries, dandelion greens, parsley, beets and asparagus. A good trick is to eat foods that grow in spring time as they seem to help with the swelling.

Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol is a very big cause for dehydration. It sure does make you go to the bathroom more often at the start, but it will lead to dehydration in the future, which would result in the loss of minerals. This loss of minerals can then lead to fluid retention.

If even after trying with all these tips in trying to tackle water retention you are still experiencing the water retention then you should definitely visit a doctor to get yourself examined.

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