How to Support Breast Cancer Research

Updated at: Oct 06, 2012
How to Support Breast Cancer Research

Lend a hand by supporting the cause of breast cancer.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
MiscellaneousWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Oct 06, 2012

How to Support Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer is a serious issue and one should contribute in any which way so as to lend some help for its research purpose. Thousands of women die each year with breast cancer and most of them are untreated and unattended to.


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When we talk about a subject like breast cancer research it is not just about the treatment or the cure of it. It also has to deal with the causes and the survivorship of breast cancer. Today, there are many types of breast cancer research projects that are being commissioned around the world. You will have to identify one and support it in any way that you can. Generally there are many options given for this. Here are a few:

Donate money – Recognise a breast cancer research programme that is legitimate. Go forward and donate money. There are many organisations and research centers that dedicate their time and resources in finding causes of breast cancer and the ways in which it can be dealt with.

Wear a pink ribbon –
You can wear a pink ribbon to show your support for breast cancer. The pink ribbon is an internationally recognised sign for breast cancer. This is just a gesture which does not require any of your resources or time. Just pin a ribbon on your dress and walk out on the road showing your support.


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Fund raiser – Organise a fund raiser with your friends and close ones, this can be a simple march to show compassion for breast cancer patients. You really do not have to go the extra mile and organise a concert or anything that big. Just make sure people get the message and donate any amount to their reach.

Breast cancer items –
There are many such items purchasing which can help the cause. There are many special selection of merchandise, the sale of which goes towards organisations and institutions working for the cause of breast cancer.

Get directly involved –
You can also chose to get directly involved by volunteering in an organisation that is involved in working with breast cancer patients or in the research for breast cancer. Many such organisations exist that require volunteers to increase awareness, hold fund raisers and raise money. You can opt for such an organisation and do your bit to support breast cancer research.

Lend a helping hand and make this world a better place.


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