Workout to strengthen your arms without weights

Updated at: Jan 16, 2018
Workout to strengthen your arms without weights

Only if they knew that there are some exercises to strengthen arms without lifting weights. You wouldn’t need a gym to do them- you can use equipment at your home, local park, or your child’s playground to give yourself the desire

Ariba Khaliq
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Nov 24, 2017

Whenever Joseph passes the hallway in his office, girls chuckle and whisper “that’s the guy with strong arms I was telling you about” and men can’t hide their envy “he must be lifting enormous weights to get those arms”.

Only if they knew that there are some exercises to strengthen arms without lifting weights. You wouldn’t need a gym to do them- you can use equipment at your home, local park, or your child’s playground to give yourself the desired upper-body workout.

Try these common and simple exercises that allow you to strengthen your arms without weights; you will be amazed how well your girlfriend will fit in those macho hands.


  • Place your hands about shoulder width on the floor with your palms turned slightly inward.
  • Stretch your body out so your hands are touching the floor and the rest of your body makes a smooth plank.
  • Lower yourself to the floor by bending your arms, then push your arms straight to raise yourself back up and repeat.
  • For better results, experiment with your push-up positions by moving your hands closer or farther apart. 

Headstand push-ups

  • Place your feet on a chair and get into the full headstand position.
  • You can take the help of a wall for balance while performing the headstand.
  • Once you are comfortable in the position, lower yourself down by bending your arms the same way you would for a standard push-up.
  • Now, straighten them to push yourself back up.
  • To make your exercise more difficult, experiment with different hand placements. 

Chin ups or pull ups

  • Hold a bar gripping it underhand and then hang down.
  • Your hanging point should give you proper stretch in your lats.
  • Then, pull yourself up until your chest hits the bar.
  • Lower yourself slowly and repeat the action.
  • You can also perform this exercise with an overhand grip, having your hands face opposite directions or turn the hands so they are facing each other (parallel grip). 

Bicep curl

  • Hold your arms down at your sides, and then curl them up toward you, bending your arm at the elbows.
  • Lower the arm back to the starting position and repeat as necessary.
  • Time your breathing, inhaling when you lift and exhaling as you lower your arm for better results.
  • You can perform bicep curls with or without weights; depends on your preference. Doing it with a heavy object will provide resistance. Resistance bands are also available which can provide the necessary tension to increase the difficulty level of this exercise. 

Inverted rows

  • Lie down on the ground on your back with a bar or table above you can hold onto.
  • Grab the bar/ table and pull yourself upwards. Hold your position for a  few seconds and then lower yourself back to the ground. 

Half-moon rotations

  • Stand and place your feet shoulder width apart. Your toes should face forward.
  • Lift and bring your arms parallel to your shoulders, so that your palms face down.
  • Now, rotate your arm so that your palms face up, and rotate them back so the arms face down.
  • Perform this exercise with a high number of reps for best results.

If you are not using weights to perform your exercises you may not build bicep muscle as quickly. Creating a regular routine and making a point of continuing your overall strength training will help you build muscle over time that will give you the strong results that you desire.

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