How to start a home daycare

Updated at: Jan 28, 2013
How to start a home daycare
Rory Coen
Tips for ParentWritten by: Rory CoenPublished at: Mar 24, 2011

Start daycareIf you are thinking of running a home daycare business, you have probably given the matter sufficient thought to reach this point, where you want to investigate what’s involved in starting a home daycare centre. There are many tests and procedures which you need to subscribe to before you can get the statutory license to engage in a home day care business.

At this stage, you have probably discussed the matter  with your spouse or got advice from your parents. You have a large, open and safe garden to operate the business from and you have enough capital to get the business off the ground. You also feel there is a niche for this type of business in your area, i.e., there are plenty of parents with young children to populate your house every day. They are the raw materials after-all.

The first practical step then is to apply for a license. You need to call Human Services and they will provide you with everything you need to apply. They’ll need details of how many children you can accommodate for instance, and they will then alert you as to the training and personal inspections you need to accommodate before your license can be processed. There is obviously strict regulation involved in this type of business.

Training includes lessons on child development, discipline and guidance, nutrition, sanitation, health and safety, business management, risk reduction, and communication between peers.
You will also be required to get some training privately, for disciplines such as CPR and first-aid. You will need to get vaccinated and inoculated against some harmful diseases, to prevent these from spreading to the children in your care.

Be aware that your past will be investigated and scrutinized by the criminal authorities, to ascertain that your criminal record is clean. You may need to source some character witnesses and these people may be interviewed. Parents have a right to know that the person who is looking after their children is safe and trust-worthy.

If you plan to feed the children on site, then you will need to get special dispensation for this also. There may be programmes which supply or fund the children’s food, but you will need to register with them. In the US for instance, the Dept. of Agriculture have a Child & Adult Food Programme which subsides the food given to children at day-care facilities.

Keep a record of every receipt and invoice, and take advantage of the tax breaks and reductions that are available to you. Talk to you accountant and see what he can advise in this regard also. You will need to have insurance cover as well – and this will not be cheap – but it may also be a deductible.

With these points in mind, you should have a good grounding on how to start a home day-care.



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