How to Search Names by Origins

Updated at: Mar 10, 2014
How to Search Names by Origins

How to Search Names by Origins: In order to search for names by origins one needs to be sure as to what kind of name they want for their baby. For example, for someone with a penchant for history, searching baby names based on historical significa

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Baby NamesWritten by: Arpita DePublished at: Sep 26, 2011

How to Search Names by OriginsHitting upon the perfect name for your baby might seem like an uphill task right now. You want your baby’s name to exude originality, uniqueness and of course sheer likability! There are many options available for you. You can search for that perfect name within your family tree, you can read books or you can launch a search using the origin of a particular name as your guideline. Here are a few ways in which you can hit upon an amazing baby name using origins.

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Look for the country of origin

  • If you want a name that is representative of your favourite country, then try searching for names by their country of origin.
  • This will also help in narrowing down your search criteria. For example if you have always been biased towards name with a British origin, then you can look up the most popular names using that as a search criteria.
  • Alternatively, you can also look at names with unusual origins. For example, you can look at names which have aboriginal roots. Akuna is one such example!


Names with origin in Literature

  • Literature is another category of origin where many parents look for that perfect baby name for their newborn kid.
  • Some names have been made unique and historical because of the prominence that has been given to them in literary pieces. Names such as Jane, William and Elizabeth are some such examples.


Names with origin in Religion

  • Some of us like our baby’s name to carry the weight of our religious beliefs.
  • If you are one of them then you can search for baby names whose roots lie in religion. This is a very commonly followed trend in India. Hindus, for example prefer the name Ram because of its religious and mythological significance. Ali on the other hand is a very popular name amongst Muslims.


Names with origin in History

  • Everyone will agree to the fact that the name Alexander has special significance because of the great victories and leadership of one of greatest monarchs of all time.
  • Therefore, if you are someone who is enamoured by historical figures, then you can search for baby names which bear historical significance.
  • However, in order to hone in on the perfect historical baby name, we suggest you do your homework well!


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