How to resolve sibling conflicts

Updated at: Dec 29, 2010
How to resolve sibling conflicts

If not nipped in the bud, these tiny sibbling grudges can aggravate to an irrevocable extent and may eventually turn the siblings into foes.

 Sanjhi Aggarwal
Tips for ParentWritten by: Sanjhi AggarwalPublished at: Dec 29, 2010

sibling conflictsRivalries or conflicts between siblings are very common. If not nipped in the bud, these tiny grudges can aggravate to an irrevocable extent and may eventually turn the siblings into foes. Sibling rivalry holds the parents at the centre of the tug.


Parents, no matter how hard they try, can neither escape nor let these conflicts have their own undefined course.It is usually for the little favours of the parents, their attention or childish material items like toys, new clothes, stationary etc that siblings compete with each other.


It is imperative to resolve these fights right at the beginning for these may later develop into professional rivalries, thus also cumbering the social and personal relationship of the siblings.It is a folly on part of the parents who try to sweep the issue under the carpet assuming it to be a trivial issue.


It is to be understood that these grudges are the major cause for the differences that breed among kids. Sibling rivalry apparently a minor issue can become a serious problem and thus needs to be dealt with decisively.


Here are some guidelines for parents to deal with sibling conflicts:


  • No matter how much kids persuade the parents should never intervene in their conflicts. Let the kids handle it themselves; they should only step in if the situation goes out of control.
  • Never allow the kids to abuse or use violence against each other. Parents should inculcate in their kids a sense of respect and regard for each other.
  • Let the kids be responsible for their own actions. It is only through responsibility that they will understand the futility of fights and mature.
  • Parents must never compare their kids. Comparison amongst kids breeds differences and contempt. Parents must realise that every child has special and different capabilities, which should be harnessed individually.
  • There should be no bestowal of favours on one child. All children must be given equal time and attention.
  • Extra attention and favours is the reason why a child feels superior and his siblings feel neglected.
  • Siblings must be encouraged to work together. They must be given some time to realise each other's importance in their lives. This helps them to bond better.
  • Parents must try to get frank with their kids so that the kids are free to express their feelings. An open relationship between parents and children always prospers.
  • At a tender age, a child mind is impressionable; therefore parents must try to infuse a positive outlook towards life in them.Though it will take time to cope with insidiously breeding enmities but they will eventually bond with love and companionship forever.


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