How to relieve Back Pain with Acupressure

Updated at: Mar 06, 2012
How to relieve Back Pain with Acupressure

Acupressure massage therapy is highly effective for relieving back pain. It relaxes and tones the back muscles. Read on to know how to relieve Back Pain with Acupressure.

Gunjan Rastogi
Home RemediesWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Mar 06, 2012

Acupressure massage therapy is highly effective for treating back pain. It relieves muscular tension from all the areas of the back.  For proper treatment, all important acupressure points are located along the sides of the spine and on the upper back. You can relieve back pain on your own by lying down on a couple of tennis balls stuffed into a sock. Acupressure has shown appreciating results in the reduction of discomfort related with lower back pain and sciatica. Acupressure relaxes and tones the back muscles thereby making the spinal adjustments easier and more effective.

Acupressure Points for Back Pain

Point GB30- this point is located at the posterior aspect of the hip (near the hip ball joint).  Exert firm deep strokes of pressure with fingers and thumbs for a minute.  This will result in the subsided painful sensation.

Points GV 1 and 2 - located on the spine, GV 1 is under the tailbone and GV 2 is slightly above the tailbone. Exert pressure around each acupressure point using a pencil with eraser end or fingertips until the point hurts.

Point UB 47- it is located at your waist i.e. slightly above the top of your hipbone. By making circular movements with your fingers, exert pressure on this point to relieve pain.

How Acupressure is to be Applied?

Pressure on the acupressure points can be applied through fingertips or you can use a little blunt tool such as the eraser end of a pencil. Mild pressure is applied on the points to stimulate sensation, which is effective but do not apply excessive pressure or it may be uncomfortable. As per the severity of the back pain, you can hold the pressure on the points for a few seconds or up to two minutes. Repeated sessions throughout the day can bring in fruitful relief in the pain.  The frequency of the sessions gradually lessens as the condition becomes better.  Regular acupressure therapy for an extended time prevents relapses of the back pain.

While seeking acupressure massage therapy, make sure the therapist is experienced and certified.  For serious back pain problem, you can combine acupressure treatment with alternative treatments or medications.


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