7 Effective Home Cures to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Updated at: Oct 09, 2018
7 Effective Home Cures to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is an inflammation which can affect one or multiple joints. It is a very painful condition which gets worse with age. Natural remedies are the best ways to relieve arthritis pain. Know few home remedies that can help ease the discomfort.

Varsha Vats
Other DiseasesWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Oct 09, 2018

Arthritis is an inflammation which can affect one or multiple joints. It is a very painful condition which gets worse with age. Doctors generally suggest anti-inflammatory medicines and pain killers for arthritis, which do not provide complete relief and may possess many side effects. Natural remedies are the best ways to relieve arthritis pain. Read on to know few home remedies that can help ease the discomfort.

Be on the Move

Your joints need to be moved as much as possible. This movement will help your joints to function for a longer period of time. Walking, gardening, and housecleaning are simple activities to assist your joints.

Exercise Regularly

Various exercises, which are simple and should be done by all arthritis sufferers daily. Exercises for arthritis are called range-of-motion exercises. They help the patients to become more flexible and maintain healthy movement. These exercises also reduce the risk of joint injury, along with providing warm-up for vigorous exercising regime.

Aerobic exercises such as walking, playing tennis, and swimming are examples of range-of-motion exercises. They move large muscles of your body to raise the heart rate and increase breathing. Surplus advantages that these aerobic exercises offer are- toning the muscles and increasing their endurance, improving heart rate, lung health, and promoting weight loss. These exercises should be done for at least 30 minutes every day to strengthen weak bones. Additionally, some resistance exercises should also be done twice or thrice a week to strengthen the muscles that support and help protect the joints. 

Isometric exercises, in which you create resistance by tightening a muscle without moving the joint, can be especially good for people with arthritis. Some isotonic exercises in which you strengthen the muscles while moving the joints are also helpful. Leg lifts and arm curls using light weights are examples of this type.

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Wear a Scarf

Wrap a scarf not just around your neck, but around the elbow, and knee joint too when they ache. You can also buy knee and elbow caps from your nearest store. Be careful not to wrap anything too tightly.

Lose Some Weight

Being overweight puts more stress on the joints. A 10-pound of weight gain equals to an increased stress of 40 pounds on your knees. So, shed those extra kilos to improve joint function.

Plan your Day in Advance

Prepare a realistic schedule in advance about your activities for the next day, so that you can know and carry out the most demanding tasks according to your energy level. For instance, you feel your best in the morning and that is when you can do tiresome tasks.

Divide the Strain

Arthritis patients need to avoid activities that involve a tight grip or that put too much pressure on your fingers. To take this force off, make use of your palms or hands- like use both hands to lift and hold cups, plates, pots, and pans, rather than gripping them with your fingers or with only one hand. 

You can grasp your goods in the crook of your arm, the way a football player holds the ball as he's running across the field, and you won't be tackled by much pain. Push open a heavy door with the side of your arm rather than with your hand and outstretched arm.

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Unlock the Joints

Holding one position for a long time can lock the joints in the same place and will add to the stiffness and discomfort. Relax and stretch your joints as often as possible.

If you are suffering from arthritis don't be afraid to ask your family members or friends for assistance when you need it. By sharing the load, you will have more time and energy for other activities that you enjoy.

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