How to Recognize Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

Updated at: Dec 06, 2011
How to Recognize Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

Hypoglycemia Signs and Symptoms - You must be able to recognise the symptoms of low blood sugar and immediately take steps to prevent the complications.

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If you are diabetic, the symtoms of blood sugar can turn lethal. It is for this reason that people with diabetes are told to consume lesser but regular meals to maintain their blood sugar levels.  The advice given to diabetics suffering from low blood pressure is to include some protein in their snacks that they frequently consume. This is because carbohydrate-rich food with very little or no protein at all can bring on the symptoms of low blood sugar.


The main symptoms of low blood sugar are:

  • Feeling of weakness.
  • Sudden pangs of hunger.
  • Skin colour turning unusually pale.
  • Headaches.
  • Numb feeling in the mouth.
  • Feeling shaky.
  • Sudden tiredness or sleepiness.
  • Slow thinking and inability to concentrate.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Abnormal sweating without a reason.

These symptoms can be noticed in non-diabetic hypoglycaemic patients as well. You can avoid these symptoms simply by developing healthy eating habits; this becomes clearer after we take a look at the causes of low blood pressure:


  • Skipped meals or delay in taking a meal.
  • Not eating as much as your body needs - carbohydrates in particular.
  • Over-exercising.
  • Excessive insulin or oral medication for diabetes.
  • Alcohol consumption, the effect of which is aggravated by lack of healthy food type and its correct amount.
  • Certain medications whether for diabetes or some other condition.

It is also important that you be aware of the onset of hypoglycaemia. Although, the onset can occur at any time, it is more likely to happen when insulin is at its peak. The probable times are usually during and after increased insulin activity. These situations can occur if you eat late or reduce the amount of food.


If you are a diabetic and experience any of these symptoms of low blood pressure mentioned above, eat something that has sugar in it. A small piece of candy should be sufficient though it is advisable to prevent such situations from occurring. You should keep a few raw nuts such as hazelnuts, pistas, walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts etc and munch on them whenever you feel hungry. You can always snack on these in case there is some problem or uncertainty in getting your regular meal. It is preferable to use raw nuts, but if you must have them roasted, stick to roasted peanuts.


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