How to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer

Updated at: May 14, 2013
How to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer

How to raise awareness for breast cancer: In order to raise awareness about breast cancer, you need to be aware of the methods of doing it, and more importantly, stick to those that you find most convenient for a long time.

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Breast cancer develops when cancerous or malignant cells divide at a quick pace in the breast tissue. Many people, more than 2,00,000 women and even men, 1000 of them, are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. If you want to raise awareness about breast cancer, you need to know the steps required for going about it. The methods range from running marathons to trying for donations. Awareness campaigns do have their impact and people of all ages can make a change.

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Ways to raise breast cancer awareness


  • For starters, ask your doctor about how often you need to be screened for breast cancer. Start awareness with yourself. You should be able to fight off the disease on a personal level first, before venturing out to a community.
  • Read up all you can on breast cancer. Do not confine yourself to the material found on the pamphlets that your doctor provides. Look up credible sources of information on the internet such as the official website of American Cancer Society.
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  • Learn more about the activities of breast cancer awareness in your area. You can become a volunteer of your own area first. You need to be able to make others gain a level of control over them. People should believe when you tell them that perhaps, one day breast cancer would be eliminated from the world.
  • There is no dearth of retailers who donate a part of their profit to breast cancer research. But there are only some products which have this feature. The pink ribbon has become the symbol of breast cancer awareness. Look for that in the products.
  • If you are living in USA, the National Breast Cancer Coalition may be a good option for donating your money. You may want to take part in a walk for creating awareness or go to whole hog in the awareness drive and organise a fundraising event in your town.[Read: Stage-wise Breast Cancer Treatment]
  • Choose wisely between the various options available to you for spreading awareness about breast cancer. You need to make sure that your skills match up to the aim you are setting for yourself. It is important that you set out to achieve manageable targets.


So, there are numerous ways by which you can contribute towards making the world free from breast cancer. Awareness drives are a major step in the direction of eliminating breast cancer from the world. Take note of each and every point mentioned above and chalk out a strategy to implement a few of those. It is important that you choose a method which is convenient enough for you to do for a long time. [Read: How to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Day]


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