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Forbid Tuberculosis from Striking You with Six Preventive Measures

Communicable Diseases
By Ariba Khaliq , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 20, 2013
Forbid Tuberculosis from Striking You with Six Preventive Measures

Tuberculosis is a preventable and a curable disease if detected and treated early. Avoid close contact with people who are infectious.

Quick Bites
  • TB should be treated early in order to prevent its deterioration.
  • Sleep in a room away from infected family member.
  • Wash your hands after sneezing, or coughing.
  • Ventilate your room regularly. TB spreads in closed spaces.

Tuberculosis (TB) is an “opportunistic infection” which usually takes hold of a person with a weak immune system. Illness, stress and emotional upheavals cause a person’s immunity to grow weak, making it a perfect environment for TB infection to throng.

how to prevent TBBeing an airborne disease, TB can be prevented through adequate ventilation and limited contact with infected people. The active state of TB is very contagious. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one-third of the world's population is infected with the bacteria that cause TB.
To avoid getting tuberculosis, one must follow advice mentioned below.

Stay in Well Ventilated Places

Avoid spending long periods of time in stuffy, enclosed room with an infected person, until they have been treated for two weeks at least. Tuberculosis germs spread more easily in small closed spaces where air doesn't move.

Keep Off Contact with Infected People

In case you have to, protect yourselves with face masks. In case you happen to live with an infected person, help and encourage that person to follow treatment instructions.

Use a tissue to cover your mouth whenever you cough or sneeze or even laugh. Immediately discard the dirty tissue after use.

Avoid going to school or work or sleeping in a room with people during their first few weeks of active TB.

Practise Goodly Lifestyle

To keep your immune system from falling weak, lead a healthy lifestyle. Exercise daily to stay fit along with eating a balanced diet. Enough rest and sleep is also essential for your body to retain its energy.

Avoid smoking and alcohol as they pose several harms to your body. Stay hygienic by washing your hands soon after coughing or sneezing. Be happy always to ensure the flow of positive energy throughout the body.

Get Tested Early

In case you notice any symptoms of TB, or even if you suspect of getting it, get yourself tested for it. Early diagnosis prevents deterioration of the disease and spread of infection. In case you test positive for the disease, visit the nearest government chest clinic for treatment.

Get Close Contacts Examined

Those who come in close contact with infected people should be examined. This holds significant for the family members especially. Getting tested includes tuberculin skin testing and/or chest x-ray examination for young children and chest x-ray examination for older children and adults.

Receive Vaccination

In countries where TB is more common, vaccine bacilli Calmette-Guerine (BCG) is given to infants and children. It shows to be effective in preventing tuberculosis in children.

However, BCG vaccine isn't recommended for general use in the United States because it isn't very effective in adults, and it causes a false-positive result on a TB skin test. Researchers are working on developing a more effective TB vaccine.

In case you test positive for latent TB infection, you will be advised by your doctor to take medications to reduce the risk of developing active tuberculosis. Only active TB is contagious, so if you can prevent your latent TB from becoming active, you won’t transmit it to others.


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Written by
Ariba Khaliq
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamNov 20, 2013

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