How to Prevent Lung Cancer with Vitamins

Updated at: Apr 04, 2012
How to Prevent Lung Cancer with Vitamins

One can prevent lung cancer by  increasing intake of vitamins. Take vitamin A, B, C and Beta-Carotene (pro-vitamin of vitamin A) to fight  lung cancer.

Gunjan Rastogi
CancerWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Apr 04, 2012

Lung cancer is a deadly disease with high mortality rate. It is possible to fight against cancer by increasing the intake of vitamins. Following are the ways to prevent lung cancer with vitamins:

Take Beta-Carotene

If you are diagnosed with lung cancer, incorporate plenty of foods rich in beta-carotene in your diet. Beta-Carotene is capable of neutralising free radicals and oxidants to reduce the probable risk of lung and stomach cancer. Beta-carotene is a pro-vitamin of vitamin A and you can obtain it from fruits and green vegetables. You can also take beta-carotene supplement to meet its requirement.


Take Carrots

Carrots contain high amount of vitamin A. Daily consumption of carrot juice will be an effective remedy to alleviate the risk of lung cancer. Human studies have suggested that one carrot has the ability to bring down the risk of lung cancer to half. Eating one carrot a day will roughly provide twice the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A.

Take Vitamin B

Consuming different forms of vitamin B can help fight lung cancer. Vitamin B is water soluble i.e. they help in the excretion of oxidants from your body through urine. Whole grain food items, bananas, beans, meat products and lentils are good sources of vitamin B. Not only can you consume food items but also take B-complex vitamin supplements that contain all the properties of vitamin B.

Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an essential role in various physiological and biochemical processes.  Reportedly, vitamin c induces the cessation of cancer cells while improving immunity. Some excellent sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, Indian gooseberry (amla), peppers, tomatoes and potatoes. The required dosage of vitamin C is unknown. Therefore, consult a doctor before taking any. You can take vitamin C supplements, which are available in the form of tablets, juices and capsules. Vitamin C is also beneficial in improving other ailments such as common cold, asthma and Parkinson’s disease.

Eat Onions

Eating onions can be equally beneficial as consuming carrots. Onions contain both vitamin C and B6 along with other essential nutrients. These nutrients enhance the body’s immunity strength and have anti-cancer properties. The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that higher level of vitamin B 6 could lower the risks of lung cancer, especially in smokers.  Quercetin, a natural anti-oxidant, is also found in onions, which helps in the prevention of various lung diseases including cancer.

It is advisable that you increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of supplements as they do not provide the same nutritional value that the former provide.


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