How to Overcome Hurdles While Naming the Baby

Updated at: Jan 07, 2013
How to Overcome Hurdles While Naming the Baby

How to Overcome Hurdles While Naming the Baby? This article includes ways to overcome the common hurdles that parents face while naming their baby.

Bushra Kafeel
Newborn CareWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Dec 12, 2011

Naming the baby seems to be simple task to parents. But in practical scenario you may have to face many hurdles while giving name to your baby. Below mentioned are some such obstacles and the ways to overcome them.


Criticism from Family Members

It is quite possible that the name you have selected provoke criticism from others. The situation becomes even worst when the criticisms are from the people you value. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to take only the positive criticism. It must be ultimately your decision to stick to your plan or change the baby's name.

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Difference of Opinion

There may be difference of opinion between the couples when it comes to give a name to their baby. You may like some name for your new creation that doesn’t seem perfect to your partner.  This problem can be avoided by selecting name of both the genders before baby’s arrival .i.e. during pregnancy.


Family Tradition

In some families, tradition may dictate choice of name. As a result your options to select name for your baby become limited. It is only up to you to go by the traditional method of naming child or to give preference to other methods to name your baby. You can choose name depending upon its meaning, origin or numerology.


Suggestions from others


Unwanted suggestions from others are the extra hurdle while naming the baby. The situation become even worst when people expect and force you to name your baby according to them. If you get such suggestions then you must first listen. If may like some of them and if not them you always had option to reject.


Other hurdles

  • Most parents forget to consider the initials of their baby name. While naming your baby it is important to avoid the initials that are similar to some other popular abbreviation. In addition, also make sure that the initials of your baby’s name don’t sound funny.  For instance if full name of your baby is Peter Oliver Taylor then the initials will come to ‘POT’.  If you are stuck in such situation then you can use first name in place of second or the third. Or else you must select the new name for your baby.
  • While choosing name for your baby you must make sure that it doesn’t lead to cruel nicknames. Try to avoid names that will lead to obvious negative nickname.


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