How to make a Baby Diaper Cake

Updated at: Feb 07, 2013
How to make a Baby Diaper Cake

How to make a Baby Diaper Cake - Making baby cake just requires you to have some useful items for baby and a little creativity. Baby diaper cake is the best thing you can gift to a newborn baby.

Dr Poonam Sachdev
Newborn CareWritten by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: May 08, 2011

Baby Diaper CakeWondering what can you gift your friend for her newborn baby? You don’t want to give her the regular baby gifts available in the stores but want to make it interesting and different. Have you considered diaper cake? Read on to understand how to make a baby diaper cake and what makes the baby diaper cake a cute, delightful, useful and ideal gift for an expectant or new mother!


  • Like the conventional cake, you can make the diaper cake as single layered or tiered (two or three tiers). If you intend to make a baby diaper cake, make sure that you have at least 2-3 hours to assemble the diaper cake. Collect the different useful goodies that you want to give and hide them inside the rolled diapers or inside the cake.
  • To make a diaper cake, roll several diapers individually and tie it with a narrow satin ribbon. To make it neat and attractive cut the ribbons in 50 pieces of 1 foot each and keep a long piece of the ribbon for the final assembly. To make your work simpler, you can use rubber bands instead of ribbon to hold the rolled diaper in place.
  • Make a three tiered diaper cake by using 6, 15 and 28 rolled and tied diapers and arrange them in the shape of a cake. In the centre place a baby bottle instead of diapers. You can fill the baby bottle with small useful baby articles such as colourful safety pins, pacifiers, and booties. Similarly, in the other tiers you can replace some diapers with other useful baby related articles such as baby shampoo, and baby powder. But do not replace too many diapers. Small useful baby articles can be hidden inside the diaper as well!
  • To make the cake steady and strong, tie a 1 inch ribbon all around each tier. Wide ribbons not only make the cake steady but pretty as well. Use repositionable tape to hold the first tier on the cake board. Similarly use another strip of repositionable tape to hold the second and third tiers in place. You can insert wooden dowels or straws through the tiers to make the cake stable, but be careful so as not to damage the diapers. Decorate the cake using baby necessities such as soft toys, bath items, creams or ribbons, flowers, coupons, and cards.


All that is needed to make a diaper cake is different kinds of baby items, a bit of imagination and some free time.


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