How to Lose Weight With PCOS or PCOD

Updated at: Jun 27, 2012
How to Lose Weight With PCOS or PCOD

Inability to lose excessive weight is one of the repercussions of PCOD. Weight loss in this condition can be difficult, but certain lifestyle changes make it possible.

Gunjan Rastogi
Weight ManagementWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Jun 16, 2012

Managing your weight with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome/ Disease (PCOS or PCOD) may be a challenging task because of the repercussions of this condition. However, with lifestyle changes you can lose excess weight. Follow the basic five steps to lose weight with PCOS:

Eat the right carbs

In simple terms, PCOS or PCOD is a condition caused by ever-fluctuating blood sugar levels and poor insulin control. Thus, to keep a check on your weight with PCOS and to cure it, consumption of items containing simple carbs needs to be restricted. Simple carbohydrate, such as sugar, white flour, potatoes, pasta, sugar-sweetened drinks and white rice break down easily and your body digests it quickly.  This also leads to immediate blood sugar spike which further increases the risk of diabetes. Include whole grains, green veggies and fruits in your diet as they take time to digest and release sugar at a slower rate.

Eat more fibre

With an eye on the type of your carb intake, eat foods higher in fibre. Fibre keeps you full for a longer period of time and also keeps your blood sugar on track. With consumption of fibre, you tend to eat less number of times, thus, helping your weight loss programme and lowering your likelihood of overeating. Also, stay away from processed and packaged food and go for sugar-free food items and beverages.

Follow your medications

Common outcomes of PCOS or PCOD are weight gain, irregular periods due to hormonal imbalance and increased blood sugar levels. Your doctor will advise some medications to balance your hormonal production and may prescribe Metformin, which is usually prescribed to a diabetic. This drug lowers the production of testosterone and helps to maintain blood sugar, but it can also decrease the body mass. Ask your doctor about medications and lifestyle changes, which may aid you to lose weight even with this condition.

Sleep well

It’s a known fact that people who do not get required/good amount of sleep are more likely to become overweight and obese. Thus, the number of hours you sleep matter. Lack of sleep develops insulin problems and at times, causes diabetes, which in turn can cause weight gain. With PCOS, you need to have a proper bedtime routine. To lose weight with PCOD, have at least seven hours of sound sleep in a day.

Exercise regularly

Make a resolution to exercise daily. Instead of hitting the gym, you can walk, climb stairs and swim. Regular physical activity helps to maintain weight in spite of PCOS and prevents diabetes with an effective control on blood sugar. 2.5 hours of moderate exercise weekly and weight training twice a week significantly cut down your unwanted flab.

Before following any weight loss plan, consult your doctor to know the right steps which you can take.


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