How to Lose Weight Eating Low-Fat Foods

Updated at: Apr 05, 2012
How to Lose Weight Eating Low-Fat Foods

Know how to manage your diet so that it includes only low fat foods. This would help to lose your weight better.

Vatsal Anand
Weight ManagementWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Feb 10, 2012

Eating LowFat Foods

If you want to lose weight, one of the ways is to reduce your fat intake. It needs to be complimented with an overall exercise regimen as well as adherence to a modified diet. Low fat diets have one obvious advantage of helping you to eat lesser calories. This is clear by the stat of calories per gram for fats, which stands at 9. This is higher than the same attribute of carbohydrate or protein.

A word of caution before you make too much out of the fat avoidance diet. Our body needs fat for insulating vital organs, absorption of essential vitamins and as a store of energy which is often utilised by it. So, you only need to eliminate the fats that damage your health and choose only those that are beneficial to the heart.


Diet modification for consuming lower amount of fat

You need to classify foods which you can eat frequently, in moderation and avoid altogether or taken very rarely. In cereals the foods to be avoided are croissants, fried bread, pastries, and the like. Moderate fat cereals include low-fibre breakfast cereals, plain biscuits, fruit scones, pasta and white rice. Healthy foods with low fat content to be eaten regularly are wholegrain rice, high-fibre breakfast cereals, oats and whole wheat flour.


Among fruits, vegetables and nuts, you can choose dried fruits, walnuts, baked potatoes and lentils for frequent consumption. For moderate eating, take oven chips, olives, almonds and hazelnuts. Chips, fried, creamed, buttered or creamed vegetables and roasted peanuts should be avoided.


Needless to say, you should stick to skimmed dairy products and avoid high to moderate fats in full cream milk.

The classification given above is just to give an idea about the kind of plan you should follow. There may not be any hard and fast rule for adhering to the food items as mentioned above. Once you have got hold of the idea of losing weight, that is to burn more calories in a day than consuming; the above mentioned instructions would become meaningful. You should be particularly wary of the food labels that mention saturated fat content. You need to limit the content of such fats. If you are not into the habit of reading the food labels, better form it!

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