How to Lose Weight by Getting Support

Updated at: Nov 21, 2012
How to Lose Weight by Getting Support

How to lose weight by getting support – Are you ready to lose some weight? Here are some of the effective slimming suggestions that will get you in the desired body-frame.

Himanshu Sharma
Weight ManagementWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Sep 05, 2012

How to Lose Weight by Getting Support

You're trying to lose weight, but are not motivated. Don’t trust the so-called “old tried-and-true” weight loss suggestions, such as eating a low-calorie diet and following a weight-bearing exercise schedule. There is more than limiting proportions and workout to lose weight. Losing motivation is the most common cause of not losing weight despite trying. Mentioned below are a few tips to motivate and guide you to lose weight


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Forget Exercises


Exercise doesn’t sound motivating, but more of an obligation. The idea of physical activity should be to enjoy it. Engaging in adventure and aerobic activities, such as hitchhiking, rowing, kayaking, rafting and swimming are exciting and effective strategies to lose weight. Dancing to the music you love also provides you with an opportunity to tone up. Exercising for a specific period of time is not necessary for weight loss; all you need to do is  be active and engrossed in activities.


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Have one Active Hobby/Interest


You should have a minimum of one active hobby to keep you engaged for at least 30 minutes every day. You may learn a new sport if you do not already have one to burn few calories. On weekends, you may plan a sports activity with your friends/family. You may also enjoy a healthy vacation with family or friends by engaging in adventure sports.


Dietary Support

  • Eat More to Lose Weight: Forget that you have to limit calories to subtract calories. Grab healthy fruits and veggies you love. Have your favourite fruits whenever you feel like eating. You may add raw vegetables into soups and stews. Eating more or adding foods is a plus point in your weight loss efforts, taking away is not.


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  • Give Foods a Weight-Loss Punch: Eating raw veggies or fruit salad will definitely fill you up. Adding a dressing of protein and a little fat will further add energy to keep you full for longer.
  • Lunch-Size Plates for Meals: Don’t serve yourself in large plates because you are more likely to eat more in it. Serve food in lunch-size plates and use large plates for salads during meals.
  • The Water Meal: Drink down a glass of water before having a meal as this will make you eat less. Alternatively, you may also drink no-calorie beverage before meal time to cut your appetite.


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There are no weight-loss quick fixes. Adapting to a healthy lifestyle, doing things you love and the drive to lose weight should be your approach to successfully lose weight and stay fit. A motivated regimen guarantees a favourable result.


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