How to Lose Gut Weight

Updated at: Oct 03, 2012
How to Lose Gut Weight

How to Lose Gut Weight: In order to lose gut weight, you need to follow a plan with a guideline for weight loss.

Vatsal Anand
Weight ManagementWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: May 29, 2012

How to Lose Gut Weight

Fat always tends to pile up around your stomach and it is also tends to be sticky, i.e. difficult to remove once it is deposited. It is easy to fall prey to fad diets and misleading commercials if you are upset by your bulging waistline. But keep in mind that this is a major problem that you need to resolve and there cannot be a quick fix for it. Making an effort will not only help you lose gut weight, it will also embark you on a healthy lifestyle. [Read: Ways to Stay Motivated for Weight Loss]

Some important steps that you need to take in order to lose gut weight are:

  • Managing calories – Balance your calorie intake according to your metabolism and level of activity. Your aim should be to burn more calories than consumed. High-carb foods such as chips, potatoes, white rice, white flour bread and of course sweets should be removed from your kitchen. From now on, you should stack these in your home at all. If you must eat them, let the high fat foods be a weekly or monthly delight, and that too, only if you promise yourself to work out the excess fat and calories gained.
  • Have a balanced diet – If you thought depriving yourself food as much as possible is the best way to lose gut weight, think again. If you tread on this path, it is sure to meet with failure. Your meal should contain a mix of protein and fibre rich foods. Dairy products, nuts and beans are very good sources of protein while all fruits and vegetables provide fibre, especially if eaten raw. [Read: Fat Burning Foods]
  • No comfort eating – If you are one of those habituated to eating when in discomfort, with late night snacks, you need to avoid this. The problem especially with late night snacks is that you cannot account for the calories eaten with enhanced physical activity to balance out the calories intake. Stick to a low glycaemic diet.
  • Exercise – For burning fat, you need to focus on fat burning workouts. This includes weight lifting as it helps to build muscles and burn fat at the same time. So, the preferred working out gear for you should be dumbbells, row machine, bench press and overhead press. Five sets with five reps for each of these workouts would give you good exercise to help you lose belly fat. [Read: Fat Burning Exercises]
  • Lifestyle changes – This would include staying away from alcohol and smoking. This is particularly important for those skinny guys whose belly sticks out. They really need to avoid all those beer cans!


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