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Written by
Arushi Bidhuri
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 09, 2019

Here is How You Can Keep your Stress Levels in Check While Driving

Here is How You Can Keep your Stress Levels in Check While Driving
Quick Bites
  • High-stress levels while driving is not a good idea 
  • Talking on the phone while driving can be dangerous 
  • Keep calm and drive, no need to be aggressive 


Do you feel stressed while driving? Don’t worry, you are not alone. More than 6 million videos of people losing it while driving are available online to confirm this fact. These are the ones caught on tape; the number is higher than just that. Many people suffer from stress while driving.

The increasing traffic, tailgating and bad drivers are some of the reasons why you might get stressed on your way to work. A bad day can add to this stressful situation. So we can admit that the driving seat brings with it a little rage as well. But that does not mean it’s normal. It is not! 

Living in a traffic-congested city will only get your stress levels high and add to your rage, which can be dangerous for you and other drivers as well. Here are some ways you can manage your stress levels while driving.

Leaving early won’t hurt anyone 

If you are familiar with the fact that you might end up getting stuck in traffic, then plan accordingly. Leaving early from your house will reduce your commute time, thereby preventing you from getting stressed and save you from the traffic. This is helpful especially when you have a meeting or a job interview because the stress increases in such a situation where you have a ticking clock over your head. 

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Do not use your phone 

As much as you will hate this idea, it is for your own good. Talking on the phone while driving is a penalty as it is but it sometimes can even turn into a disaster. While driving, just concentrate on the road, texting and talking can be done once you reach your destination. This will also help you avoid situations that might annoy you over a phone discussion and add to the stress. 

Don’t waste time on bad or aggressive drivers 

Every now and then you will come across some drivers who are just not good at driving or just rude. Engaging in a conversation with them is only going to waste your time so it is better to just change lanes. And you might also find some aggressive drivers who will take upon themselves to clear the path by driving aggressively or getting into an argument with somebody. You should keep your distance with such drivers, allowing yourself to be calm and composed. 

Focus on the Consequences 

If all of the things mentioned above don’t work for you, then just remind yourself of what might happen if you will react and lose your temper on the road. You might lose your license, might end up in jail and lose your job – doesn’t seem a nice picture, does it? Calmly handle the situation and if you cannot, then just avoid and move on. 

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Bottom Line 

Staying alive is more important than reaching somewhere on time. Try to relax and stay calm on the road to avoid difficult situations. This way you will save your energy and keep the stress levels in control. Stress is only going to lead to more health problems and doing so while driving can have fatal consequences. 

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