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Make your Child 2x Brainy with just 5 Simple and Effective Strategies

Updated at: Oct 30, 2013
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Written by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Oct 30, 2013
Make your Child 2x Brainy with just 5 Simple and Effective Strategies

If your child scratches his head at a simple math problem, it is high time you feed his brain cells with some power.

Falling grades are, according to most parents, a major sign of depreciating memory power. Despite of everything that you seem to do for your child from buying him his favourite fruits to serving a balanced diet, nothing seems to work right.

Enhancing child's brain powerAccording to Daren Denholm, four times Southern Hemisphere and African Continent Memory Champion, the brain is like a muscle that betters with regular exercising. So, if you start by encouraging your child to exercise his/her memories, it can make a bigger impact on his/her ability to retain and retrieve information, thus improving performance in school. Here are some tactics that will help you to make sure that your child has a better memory power a few weeks from now.


Get your Child to enrol in his/her Favourite Sport

By engaging in physical activities, the child is likely to not just maintain his/her body weight but also earn more brain cells, improving learning as well as memory skill. Ruth Day, a cognitive scientist, found out in her recent study that performing a physical exercise such as dance improves/sharpens the memory.  


Encourage Brainy Games

For the exercise bit, you need to make sure your child pushes himself to think without losing interest. This stimulation of the brain cells may not be possible with books, because let’s accept it, most children loathe taking the books out of their bag after school. Some of the games that you can encourage your child to play include board games, video games, strategy games, puzzles, etc. Another major upside to playing games is that they help to prevent Alzheimer’s and both young as well as old can play these games to retain their memory for longer.


Teach new Things to your Child Every Day

An idol mind is a devil’s workshop, indeed. Therefore, you must keep your child’s mind busy by teaching a new thing to him/her every day, even if it is just a new word. New learnings each day make sure that the brain remains curious, thus widening imagination as well as the power of the brain to retain memory.


Tickle your Child’s Funny Bones

There is no study that says that laughing too much will hurt you. In fact, not just does laughing improve health; it makes the brain perform better by releasing endorphins, happy hormones, into the bloodstream and stimulating both sides of the brain. You could tell your child to laugh at his/her problems instead of worrying over them.


Allot Rest Timings

It is important for a growing child to take plenty of sleep i.e. a sleep duration that lasts for at least 6—8 hours a day. It is during sleep that all the information gained throughout the day is processed and recapped. After waking up, a person is more likely to peacefully recall the happenings of the previous day.

Before it is too late and your child does worse in school, employ these fixes and make your child smarter. Helping the brain function better will further prevent any more damage in the future.


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