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How to have a heart of 20-year-old when you are 60

Updated at: Jul 30, 2018
Heart Health
Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jul 30, 2018
How to have a heart of 20-year-old when you are 60

It might be not top the to-do-list of many people but heart health is something that everyone needs to take care of. The kind of lifestyle we live and the kind of diet or eating habits that we have, is taking a toll on our heart health. It is abou

We get up, skip our breakfasts, get to work, eat at our workstations and then head back home and eat whatever we could get our hands on and then just hit the sack. Yes, almost all of us have this sort of routine. Do you think you are living a healthy life? Well, the answer is clearly a ‘NO’! We need to understand that health should be the first priority because everything comes from it. This messed-up and unhealthy lifestyle is most likely to make us have a cardiac condition before we are even 60.

Indeed, a healthy heart is what keeps it all intact. Not much attention is paid to the diet, or to the workout routine. If you are 20 something today and live an unhealthy and inactive life, the chances of having a heart stroke increase by 80 percent. So, what’s your action plan to avoid that? How do you plan on combating heart related diseases that might graduate to a heart stroke?

If you do not have any plan, these tips to have a forever-young heart might help you. 

Be active

Inactivity can be lethal for your heart health. If you go out of breath while climbing a flight of stairs, you are in serious need of exercise. Physical activity can prevent heart diseases and stokes. Regular exercise can improve cardiovascular health and prevent the risk of strokes. A combination of low-impact and intense cardio workout will help you boost heart health. If you have a desk job, where you are required to sit for hours, start with low-impact workouts such as jogging and swimming to prevent cardiac diseases.

Diet tweaks

Burgers and pizzas are tasty but veggies are good for your heart. Eating junk food laden in cholesterol and unsaturated fats can clog your arteries, leading to heart strokes. Certain foods can help you reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 75 percent. Food high on omega fatty 3 acids, like fish and flaxseeds, nuts, fruits such as oranges and papaya are high on folate and fibre can help you have a healthy heart.

Stay away from stress

Studies suggest, chronic anxiety and stress can lead to heart stress. Indeed, certain behavioural changes and other factors trigger heart disease risk by tampering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. A stress-free life is something that you need to have a healthy heart when you are 60.

Get rid of addictions

Addictions to alcohol, smoking and other specific substances have negative consequences on your body parts such as brain and heart. Such addictions have direct impact of heart muscles. In order to avoid, coronary artery diseases, quit alcohol, smoking and substance abuse. 

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