How to Handle Unwanted Baby Advice

Updated at: Feb 23, 2012
How to Handle Unwanted Baby Advice

Coping with unwanted advice when you’re pregnant or became mother recently becomes extremely important, to ensure that sentiments of peer group, family or friends are not hurt.

Himanshu Sharma
Newborn CareWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 23, 2012

Everyone around you will put forth advices and recommendations regarding when you become a mother. No subject of newborn care remains untouched; people will tell you everything from feeding to dressing, then making him burp, how to carry your baby and their list of advices never stop. This whole process begins the day you confirm your pregnancy, on which people around you initiate the discussion of baby coming. There is no respite once the baby comes, with more advices pouring for newborn care.

Being parent of a baby, you need to overcome all the unwanted advices and chose the right direction in order to care for your newborn correctly. If the advice has come from stranger or a recent acquaintance, it is easy to avoid just with a nod or smile. You can appreciate his/her concern just by thanking him or replying with a remark like ‘that’s nice’. Thereafter, make sure you flip to another agenda or topic.

On the other hand, if you are advised by close relative or close friend, you need to consider some aspects to ascertain that they remain pleased with your reply to their recommendation.

Be a Smart Listener

Besides being a good listener, be a smart listener. In this manner, you can pick-up something worth value. Be defensive when the concerned person is observing your condition. Consider that concerned person is sharing an aspect that he believes has value to you.

Spread Knowledge

Knowledge is best weapon against unwanted baby advices from people. Listen to aspect he is discussing, thereafter you can educate him regarding the aspect if you are aware of it. Knowledge can power to protect you on your parenting choices. In this manner, you can even update his knowledge and take him into confidence with the adopted approach of newborn care.

Quoting Doctor

Quoting a doctor is the safest and an effective way to avoid unwanted new baby advice. A professional being involved in the discussion validates it. You can always quote like ‘My doctor has advised… or Doctor says that … is good for baby’. In the same manner, you can also quote a newborn care journal or magazine to back your point.

Be Vague

Being vague means you can assure person that you have considered it and working in that direction.



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