How to get your Kids to Love School

Updated at: Jul 08, 2013
How to get your Kids to Love School

Your child’ interest in their school activity will usually be in a direct correlation to yours. A united enthusiasm from both parents and children will keep them eager to perform and learn.

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How to get Your kids to love SshoolGetting your kid into a school is one Herculean task nowadays – however, just because you finally managed to accomplish it, does not mean the task is over. No, sir. It’s just begun. For now you have to make sure your kid loves his school and his studies, and keep his interest in his subjects peaked!


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Doing that is not so difficult, and you need not even sit down every evening with them to make it work. Here are a few suggestions on how to go about getting your kids to love their now second home – their school -

Daily Discussion –
“Every day, ask your child what they learnt at school that day”, says Sri Ganga Ram Hospital’s clinical psychologist Dr Aarti Anand.

Small children are usually full of enthusiasm. However, older children can be a little reticent are pretty reluctant. Straight talking is the best way to find out what he has learnt in school – snooping, on the other hand should not be preferred.

Play the Detective Game - Every time your child tells you a story, ask: who, what, where, when and why. These questions will up your child's skills in reciting an essay, no matter what age.

Emergency Action –
“If you see that your child has difficulties with a subject, take action immediately, especially if it is something basic like reading, writing or math. Problems in these areas are like flash floods, they get worse by the minute if you wait”, admits Vanita Mutneja, a Delhi based counselor.

Otherwise, it is only natural to hate what we cannot do – and it won’t be long before your kid starts complaining how she hates math, Mutneja adds.

Out-of-class Practice –
You need not sit down with your kids to tuition them and sharpen their minds. Any time is good. When you are driving them to school, you could just point out cars or lorries asking your daughter to add up, or subtract.

For your older son, ask something course-related and more complex, like, what the causes were for the French Revolution. There is no need for a classroom, detailed answer – and if he can answer it even in simple terms, you’ll know that he knows his European History.

Praises/Punishment – “When it comes to academic performance, it is a tightrope walk for parents to get through to their children positively”, says Vanita Mutneja, a Delhi based counselor. 

While some parents work by lavishing praises on good performance of their child, others choose to use the occasion to urge them to try harder, confesses Munteja.

It is necessary not to kill a child’s morale, at the same time prevent him for becoming complacent, adds Dr Anand. Either way can change their idea of schooling to something negative. This is highly undesirable, as it can complicate further as the child grows older.

P.T.A. Benefits – Take the bi-annual meetings with your kids’ teachers to understand their needs and achievements in a detailed manner, so that you can provide adequate care and due encouragement to them – be it classroom behavior, test results or extracurricular activity.

All in all, your child’ interest in their school activity will usually be in a direct correlation to yours. A united enthusiasm from both parents and children will keep them eager to perform and learn.


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