How to Get Your Body Ready to Get Pregnant?

Updated at: Nov 05, 2012
How to Get Your Body Ready to Get Pregnant?

How to Get Your Body Ready to Get Pregnant? The best way to get ready for pregnancy is by taking care of your health and making some healthy alterations in your lifestyle.

Pratima Sharma
PregnancyWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Sep 19, 2011

How to get your body ready to be pregnant

Once you decide to have a baby and prepare yourself mentally for the same, it is equally important to knowhow to get your body ready to get pregnant. Plan at least six months to a year in advance so that the changes you implement get the time to take effect.


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Useful tips on how to get your body ready to get pregnant:




In case you have an existing medical history, such as asthma, epilepsy or diabetes, it is better to consult your doctor. A change in your medication may be required.


Contraceptive Pill


Stop taking the pill a few months in advance to allow your body to get back to its normal rhythm. This will make the conception easier.


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Hereditary Disorders


If there is a history of hereditary disorders in the family, it is advisable to discussthe risk of congenital defects that might occur in the babywith your doctor in detail.


Medications and Vaccinations


It is important to get yourself inoculated at least a month prior to getting pregnant as some diseases such as chicken pox and German measles can be very harmful for the unborn baby. Also, certain medication may lower your chances of getting pregnant. Consult your doctor on the same to avoid complications.


Urine Analysis


Urinary tract infections are associated with miscarriages, low-weight babies and premature labour. It is advisable to undergoa urine analysis before you conceive.


Blood Test and Blood Pressure


A blood test can detect if you’re anemic or have any other abnormalities. High blood pressure can lead to pre-eclampsia and placental problems.


Screening Tests


Get your doctor to screen you for Hepatitis B, syphilis and AIDS. It is important to be sure you don’t have these infections before you conceive.


Folic Acid Supplements


Folic acid supplements are advised when you are trying to conceive. Most women are advised to take 400micrograms of folic acid supplement while they are trying to conceive and continue till the first few weeks of pregnancy.


Lifestyle Changes


Smoking, drugs and alcohol need to be forsaken before you conceive. Your house should ideally be a ‘smoke free’ area. Good and healthy nutrition goes a long way in getting your body ready to get pregnant.


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How to get your body ready to get pregnant is a question that bothers many women. The best way is to get your own health in good shape before your body can take on another life. A detailed talk with your doctor will hold you in good stead for pregnancy.


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