How to Get Pregnant Naturally

Updated at: Jul 19, 2014
How to Get Pregnant Naturally

Some of the ways in which you can get pregnant naturally is by keeping a check on your diet, ovulation cycle, sexual position and vaginal health.

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Although, for most women, getting pregnant does not take a lot of effort, it does require a good deal of effort for some.

The foremost step is to know when you are most likely to ovulate, relax and have sexual intercourse while you are in the missionary position. Here are the ways that will explain how to get pregnant naturally.

Know your Cycle to Get Pregnant

Fertility signs are different in every woman and therefore, taking some time off to know yours is one of the keys to getting pregnant as soon as you want. Sometimes, women just miss their chance to get pregnant because they end up not knowing when they really ovulate. If you are sure of when exactly you ovulate, chart your cycle. Some of the vital fertility signs are changes of basal body temperature, changes in cervical position when the ovulation approaches and type of cervical mucus.

Some of the secondary fertility signs include breast sensitivity, increased libido, ovulation pain and spotting at the time of ovulation.

Know the Right Position to Get Pregnant Naturally

You increase your chances of getting pregnant when you have sexual intercourse in the missionary position with your pelvis titled upward towards the cervix. You may also use a pillow under the hips. The missionary position lets the sperm to quickly enter the vagina and travel through the cervix into the uterus. Having an orgasm just when the husband does also helps in getting pregnant naturally.  After sexual intercourse, you must ensure that you lie on your back for about 20 minutes.

Getting Naturally Pregnant

Know your Vaginal Health to Get Pregnant

Ensure that the environment around your vagina is sperm-friendly. Avoid using scented tampons, sprays and other instruments that may militate pregnancy. It is important to know the health of your vagina to salvage your partner from getting sexually transmitted diseases. Treat any infections that you may have.

Know your Diet to Get Pregnant Naturally

If you are wondering how to get pregnant naturally you need to find out if you are eating pregnancy friendly diet. Ensure that you avoid foods that affect the thyroid gland, which increases the insulin levels in the body. Several foods such as soy, trans fats, peas, dairy, coffee, alcohol, Aspartame and MSG inhibit ovulation. Eat fertility foods that help in stimulating ovulation and making you fertile. Drink lots of water to increase your fertile mucus. If you do not produce enough fertile mucus, you may consume vitamin supplements that increase the production of fertile mucus. Fertile mucus is one that is clear, stringy and appears like egg white.

Keep a Track of your Basal Body Temperature

When you are willing to conceive and want to know how to get pregnant naturally, keeping a track of your basal body temperature is very essential. As soon as you wake up in the morning, the first thing before anything else which you must do is to take your basal body temperature orally and record it in a fertility tracking calendar. When your ovulation period gets closer, the basal body temperature will most likely drop before increasing. The change in temperature occurs within 12 hours of ovulation and the temperature stays hiked till the next ovulation takes place.

Once you have recorded the cycle for a few months, you will be able to know your exact fertile period. This will help you know exactly when to have intercourse.

Getting Naturally Pregnant

Have a Healthy Weight According to your Structure

Having an appropriate weight is not only important for healthy life but, it can be the answer to all your queries based on how to get pregnant. Being overweight or underweight, both are equally unhealthy. This can cause troubles with your menstrual cycle. A number of hormones like estrogen and leptin are produced by the body fat. This has direct effects on the reproductive system. When there is excess fat in the body, it leads to a state called estrogen dominance in which the fertility is disturbed. When there is less fat in the body it can lead to malnutrition causing an unhealthy pregnancy.

Getting Naturally Pregnant

Stay Physically Active to Get Pregnant Naturally

The skeletal muscles are a store house of extra blood and sugar. When you remain physically active these muscles are put into use which in turn helps maintaining a healthy sugar and insulin levels. This prevents problems related to ovulation and fertility from arising.
The 3 main types of activities which you must indulge into are:

Activities for skeletal muscles: Like weight training, hiking, climbing, and routine activities that involve weight lifting.

Activities for heart, lungs, and blood vessels: This includes, brisk walk, light jogging, tennis, tossing a Frisbee. Swimming, yoga, dancing, and pilates.

Activities that provide flexibility to skeletal muscles: Like dancing, yoga, pilates.

The amount of work out you must do everyday should completely depend on your current fitness level. If you are overweight you must indulge in aerobics and muscle strengthening exercise to get pregnant. But, if you are underweight, it is important for you to do some muscle strengthening activities.

Attain an Emotional Balance for Pregnancy

When you experience constant stress, the progesterone of your body starts converting into stress hormone called cortisol. When there is excess stress hormone in the body, it starts interfering with the menstrual cycle and decreases the chances of fertility.

Reducing stress level is completely up to a person. There are no specific medications but, meditation, yoga, praying, and staying happy can be the key to fight stress.

We hope that you now understand how to get pregnant naturally. Let us know your feedback in the comment section below.


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