How Not to Get Pregnant

Updated at: Mar 03, 2014
How Not to Get Pregnant

How Not to Get Pregnant: Get the information on various ways to not get pregnant such as  condoms, contraceptive pills, and follow certain precautions after having sex to make sure you do not get pregnant.

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How Not to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant is one of the best things that can happen to a woman, regardless of the pain and other troubles associated with it for her. But there are many valid reasons for a woman to not want to get pregnant. She might be mentally unprepared, financially insecure or any other reason. If you are wondering about how not to get pregnant, know that there are some very effective ways to prevent it and it is always better than having an abortion.


Tips for not getting pregnant


  • Use condoms – Condoms are said to have a success rate of 98 per cent when used correctly and it is quite high even if not used in the correct manner, i.e. 85 per cent. If you do not use condoms, you expose yourself to the risk of not only unwanted pregnancy, but also a sexually transmitted disease. Use these even if you have sex when what you consider to be the safe period. This is because the sperm can live inside the vagina for a few days and fertilise an egg after ovulation starts.
  • Contraceptive pills – Oral contraceptives help a woman prevent unwanted pregnancy by controlling the process of ovulation. After this the woman’s egg are unable to be fertilised by sperms. Women need to be very particular about taking their pills in time to ensure that these pills work.
  • Be careful after sex – If you are still stuck with ideas of withdrawing penis just before ejaculation, know that it can’t work for too long. In fact you are lucky even if it worked once. On the contrary you need to be careful that even after protected sex with condoms, you need to make sure that no drop of condom falls close to vagina. Moreover, do not allow either of the partners’ fingers to touch the penis followed by touching the vagina. Do not allow the penis to linger inside the vagina for too long after sex, even when protected by a condom. It increases the chances of conception.
  • Abstinence – This is considered to be the best method of contraception. Couples who are not married should stick to this method if they want to leave nothing to chance.
  • Sterilisation – This method is useful for couples who have had babies and are not looking to have one. It involves a surgical procedure after which makes either of the couples unable to reproduce. Male sterilisation is called vasectomy and female one is called tubal occlusion.

If you follow the given tips for not getting pregnant, they can help you guard against this avoidable circumstance.


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