How to Get Out of a Bad Blind Date

Updated at: Mar 29, 2012
How to Get Out of a Bad Blind Date

Ending a bad blind date is tough, but you can do so easily by following a few tips given here. If you feel uncomfortable, it’s always better to end the date as soon as possible.

Aparna Mir
DatingWritten by: Aparna MirPublished at: Mar 23, 2012

Bad Blind Date

Blind date is quite fun and exciting, but sometimes it turns out to really bad. You feel like ending it and getting out of the place as soon as possible. Find a way out of such a bad blind date with some advice given here.

On a blind first date, it’s absolutely necessary to protect yourself. If you feel that your blind date is going wrong, get yourself mentally prepared to escape. Here’s how you can do that:

  • You can call your friend and ask him/her to save you from the date. Ask him/her to pick you up just to show that it’s an emergency and you have to go immediately.
  • You can start behaving in a very unsocial way. This will shock your date and you will get a chance to escape.
  • You can honestly tell the person that you are not interested in him/her. This can sound rude, but it will give you a chance to get out of it as soon as possible.
  • Start making excuses for everything. Your date will notice your gestures and will understand automatically that you are not interested to take this further.
  • Start behaving in a crazy and strange way. Though this sounds a bit weird, it’s a very effective way to get rid of your bad blind date.
  • You can start discussing about your ex. Praise about your ex as much as you can. Just show your date how much you were close to your ex. This will make your date feel unwanted and he/she will end the date immediately.
  • You can tell him/her imaginary stories about ghosts and spirits. This will make your date think that you are mad and it’s better to walk out as soon as possible.
  • Discuss about politics and other boring things such as country’s economy, poverty issues and social reforms.
  • If you are dating in a restaurant, start dancing suddenly. This kind of unimaginable behaviour will surely end your date.

You can follow the aforementioned ways to get out of a blind first date. These tips can surely save your day.



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