How to Get Kids to Eat Better?

Updated at: Jul 11, 2011
How to Get Kids to Eat Better?

Kids (4-7)- Most parent find it difficult to improve eating habits of their kids. However, it is not difficult to teach healthy eating habits to your child. Here are some suggestions

Jenita Gulati
Tips for ParentWritten by: Jenita GulatiPublished at: Jul 11, 2011

Many mothers are not happy with the eating habits of their children but they don’t really know how to deal with it. The very first thing which one should be aware of is that bad eating is a learned behaviour which a child picks up from his/her surroundings. Lifestyle and eating habits of children are overpowered by the media and food advertisements and it gets difficult to avoid it and parents feels helpless. But getting over this is not surely impossible.


  • A child first learns from parents. If you are eating more junk food, then you automatically lose the right to question others. Try to become a good role model for your children.
  • Don’t be rigid with the schedule as sometimes moderation is required. Take your kid out to eat once in a while.
  • Take your kids along when you go out to get vegetables as their interest will grow, and if they ask questions do reply properly..
  • Make children eat their meals with everyone and ask them to set the table. Sometimes, cook something special for your child.
  • Be patient and don’t start arguing with kids. Eating habits are acquired gradually. So keep your cool.
  • Avoid frozen and packed food with additives, chemicals, preservatives, and added colour as much as you can. Try not to bring such items home.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should be the heaviest compared to lunch and dinner. It should also be high in proteins, minerals and not only fats.
  • Children feel hungry frequently so they need food frequently. Keep the snacks healthy so that it keeps them going.
  • Involve your kids in more physical activities such as sports, and yoga which will redirect their energy in some useful area and improve their eating habits.
  • If your child doesn’t eat a specific thing then try influencing them. Tell them that their favourite superhero loves this particular food item.
  • If your child is not consuming a meal in a particular fashion try giving them the same thing mixed with something they like. For example if they don’t like milk then give them curd or try giving them milkshakes.
  • Make your kids help you in cooking. If they will choose and make the dish they will be more interested in eating it.


It’s not that difficult to train your children towards good eating habits if one follows the above mentioned tips. Do not be excessively stern with them about them as it will only make them resist it more. Try to teach them good eating habits so that they love what they eat.


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