How To Get Better Intimacy In Marriage

Updated at: Mar 03, 2014
How To Get Better Intimacy In Marriage

How To Get Better Intimacy In Marriage? Is passion and obsession from your marriage missing. Here are some ways to get better intimacy in marriage.

Arpita De
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How to get better intimacy in marriage

You have been married for the past few years but the spark for romance has almost gone. You sometime make love with your partner but that passion and obsession for making love is missing. You feel like you are being forced to stay with each other because now you are a married couple, committed and in a long-lasting relationship. You’ve got many responsibilities such as raising your children, making financial arrangements and many other family issues.

  • This problem is not only there in your life, as there are approximately 80% couples who have also lost intimacy in marriage even after spending a very few years together.
  • It is not only about romance or having intimacy but your lifestyle as well. You need to follow some effective ways by means of which you can feel closeness and warmness in your relationship.


How to Get Better Intimacy in Marriage

  • You can go jogging with your partner in the evening which will definitely make you stress-free and relaxed.
  • Few surprises such as giving a kiss to your spouse when he/she is back home from the office, leaving love notes for your partner under the pillow and in pockets. This will show you care.
  • Exchange your desires and dislikes with each other for bringing intimacy back in the marriage. Go on dates to any cafe, restaurant or in a park just to be with one another.
  • Reminiscence about special events such as your first date, the first time you saw each other just so you can go back in time and see what attracted the two of you to each other for the very first time!
  • The best way to bringing back the lost intimacy is by making the first move. Touching your partner’s hand, shoulder rubs, whispering romantic words and hugs and kisses are just some of the ways. After all marriage is a relationship where you have to spend your whole life with your partner and intimacy is the key which makes your married life alive, delightful and full of romance.
  • Attend hobby classes together such as swimming, salsa, pottery or anything else that of interest to both of you.
  • Finally share your feelings and give room for communication. Talk to each other about your wishes and anxieties related to the relationship if any.

The key to bringing back in your marriage is by never forgetting to show affection towards eachother.




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