How to Enhance Creativity in a Daycare

Updated at: Feb 15, 2012
How to Enhance Creativity in a Daycare

Daycare, also known as childcare, shapes up the behaviour and habits of young ones. If done incorrectly, child’s emotional and attachment aspects could suffer.

Himanshu Sharma
Tips for ParentWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 10, 2012

How to enhance creativity in a daycareDaycare is one of the important aspects of parenting, which is essential to be done in creative manner in order to uncover potential of a child. Discovery of their capabilities is the responsibility of the parents. In order to nurture their young ones, parents must understand the significance of encouraging and enhancing creativity in daycare. Adequate child grooming shapes the approach of child towards life and develops intuitive capabilities.

There are several benefits of creative daycare and imaginative play. Involving creative activities in child’s everyday schedule contributes to his overall development. This not helps in building child’s confidence to engage in extra-curricular activities, but also enhances communication skills. Among other advantages of creative daycare activities are improvement in active problem solving, expression of fears and discovery of hidden talent.


Ways to Enhance Creativity in a Daycare

1. Encourage Creative Thinking

Thought process of a child is a lot different from adults. For example, if you say dog speaks, he will believe the same, without any second thought. Put forth some creative ideas in their make-believe world. Let them imagine and develop creative thinking ability.

2. Discipline, but Less Restrictions

Discipline is one of the most important aspects that need to be considered while raising a child. However, make sure that there should be less restriction so that he/she can improve their thought process.

3. Encourage Learning

Learning and acquiring knowledge should be encouraged in creative activities. School grades have no relevance when child has not applied that learning and thoughts in real life. Conceptual learning will improve thinking process of a young one, so that he/she looks at life aspects in a positive manner. In this manner, creative learning process helps them become creative and self-assured.

4. Fun and Frolic

Child’s participation in the activity gets a boost if there is an element of fun. Fun-filled activities will help you to know them better and strengthen your bonding.

5. Address their Curiosity

Every child is curious. They ask questions, irrespective of its relevance. Keep this curiosity alive by addressing their out-of-the-world questions. In this process, they learn and grasp several new things.

6. Make Attempts to Know their Interests/Hobbies

Expose children to arts, nature or adventure pursuits whenever possible. These attempts will help you know their hobbies, interests and likings. Plan visits to art galleries, musical concerts or let them play with sand or water or musical instrument.

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