How to dress up during pregnancy

Updated at: Jun 21, 2011
How to dress up during pregnancy

Fashion during Pregnancy - There is a few basic things to remember when you dress up and even during the last couple of months. Follow our fashion tips to stay looking stylish throughout your pregnancy.

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PregnancyWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Apr 21, 2011

Fashion in PregnancyThe words ‘pregnancy’ and ‘fashion’ are not often used in the same sentence. Oh, but that was all together different era. Today, would-be moms are as chic as the models that walk the ramp for Giorgio Armani in Milan. And for proof of that, look no further than Hollywood A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba who flaunt their baby bumps with panache. And like all trends, if they can, so can we.


The thing to remember during your pregnancy is that you look wonderful. “Pregnancy can be uncomfortable and challenging, but it can also be a wonderful time. There are many things you can do to help make your pregnancy an enjoyable one and the best part is that those things also help you grow a healthier baby,” says Dr. Shivani Sachdeva Gour Infertility expert, and Gynaecologist, Phoenix Hospital. Sure your body’s changing, but we can’t remember ever seeing a pregnant woman and not going “awww... look, so cute!” So, there!


There are a few basic things to remember when you dress up and even during the last couple of months, you can look fabulous. Of course, you don’t want to set up a whole new wardrobe simply for the few short months that you will “look” pregnant, so, shop wisely and don’t shop all at once. You don’t know how big you’ll be in week 27 at week 10. So, stagger the shopping, and you’ve just given yourself another shopping excursion in a few weeks. Sounds good!

“If one comes to look for them one of the major challenges that a pregnant woman faces is body image issues,” confesses Dr Samir Parikh, consultant Psychiatrist, Max Healthcare. “So it is essential to divert your mind and what better can be shopping your heart out?” adds Dr Parikh.


First rule of dressing up for expecting moms: Don’t go for that tent look. You don’t need it. So, put back that XL shirt you borrowed from your husband’s cupboard. With a few simple tricks, you can look fabulous and not flabby. Don’t be afraid to look for tops that are cut to be form-fitting against your growing belly. A top that shows the contour of your belly is much more flattering than one that covers you up in yards of fabric. You may also want to go for tops that have a gathered hem under the belly. They look fitting, and save you from looking like you’re wearing a tent. You could even go for dresses and kurtas that have tie backs and an empire waist. These give your body some form. Another important rule: buy your bras wisely. As your breast size increases, an ill-fitting bra could result in unwanted unseemly bulges.

The other wardrobe must have is the trusty pair of jeans: You’ll probably wear them all through your pregnancy and they can be teamed with kurtas, dresses, tops, and what have you. While trying on jeans, look for a comfortable elastic waistband and find the fit that feels most comfortable – the full panel, the mid panel or the underbelly fit. You may want to keep in mind that for smooth lines under your tops, bottoms that come over the belly are the most highly recommended. Do not pick tapering jeans. Go for boot-cuts instead. The extra height effect that the boot-cut gives you will offset your bulging mid section. Also remember to sit down while you’re trying on your jeans before you buy them. There are few things worse than being stuck all night in too-tight jeans! Stretch fabric is therefore a good idea. Light or dark coloured jeans are, of course, a personal preference but if in doubt, it helps to note that dark colours make you look taller and skinnier.

With the basics covered, this is a good time to bring up accessories. Never be afraid to accessorise. Bold necklaces, vibrant colours, flowing scarves and chunky bangles are the flavour of the season. With deep necklines that accentuate your fuller breasts, a large neckpiece is sure to dazzle. Colourful bags, comfortable shoes and your creativity can make your limited pregnancy wardrobe look like the envy of the ramp model. The thing to remember while shopping for your pregnancy is not to spend a fortune on maternity wear. Empire-waist blouses, cardigans and dress shirts un-tucked and open will all work wonderfully.

While all the tips that anyone can give you about how to dress are probably well-intentioned, your comfort and personal style are the things that are most important in how you look. Let this magical journey be one that you enjoy. Here’s wishing you a wonderful time!


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